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    LoginVSInsights: February Newsletter

    In February’s monthly newsletter, we discuss being named an industry leader and key vendor for IT change in the latest Digital Enterprise Journal (DEJ) Report, our latest webinar with JetPatch and the VDILIKEAPRO: State of the Union 2021 Survey. Read on to learn more.

    We are thrilled to share that Digital Enterprise Journal (DEJ) recently named Login VSI as an industry leader and recognized us as a key vendor for changing IT environments. DEJ released a report on Login VSI’s role in addressing the requirements of the digital economy. You can read it here.

    Digital Enterprise Journal (DEJ) Report

    Login VSI’s Role in Addressing Key Requirements of Digital Economy

    Login VSI’s unique set of capabilities positions the organization to address each of the critical requirements of IT performance management solutions, to enable digital transformation and use technology as a competitive advantage.

    Webinar – Taking Patch and Testing Automation to a New Level

    Join our webinar to learn how the combined solutions of Login VSI and JetPatch improve efficiency and provide intelligence in change management. Explore the demonstration and discussion around the integration of both solutions.

    This webinar will include how to:

    • Achieve faster time to remediate
    • Use predictive patch analytics and test resulting in fewer post-deployment issues
    • Minimize the risk of disruption/downtime
    • Minimize the risk of disruption/downtime

    Register Today

    February 24, 2021 | 1:00 PM EST | 10:00 AM PST

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    VDILIKEAPRO: State of the Union 2021 Survey is Now Open!

    Independent research organization VDI Like a Pro has started this research years ago and would like to ask you to join in. This is your chance to support the EUC community. All participants will get a first copy of the results. Three participants will receive an EXCLUSIVE Dutch Stroopwafel arrangement + $25 Amazon gift card.

    Start Survey

    Upcoming Virtual Events

    April 26-27: Gartner Digital Workplace Summit

    May 18-20: Zorg & ICT / Healthcare & IT (NL)

    May 18: Hybrid IT Infrastructure (NL)

    Tips & Tricks – Workload Templates

    Login Enterprise Workloads uses Windows APIs to drive tests, not older image recognition technology, which are fragile and hard to maintain. Login Enterprise workloads see objects and properties, not pictures.

    Our Adobe Reader DC template launches the browser and interacts with the offline website included in Login Enterprise. We capture the time it takes to launch and load the initial page.


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