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    LoginVSInsights: May Newsletter

    Read our May newsletter and keep updated on our latest news.

    We are excited to have launched a new training platform with the opportunity for various options to get the maximum value for Login Enterprise. Continue reading for more details about the new program, all the latest reference architectures and updates, and be sure to join us at our upcoming events!

    E-Learning Training Platform

    We’re pleased to announce the launch of our new E-Learning training platform. The new E-learning platform delivers more guidance and enables you to get the maximum value out of Login Enterprise.

    You can navigate this e-learning in any way you wish; the platform gives users the flexibility to attend online training at any time, from anywhere. Users will follow a learning path containing various educational content. Users also have an option to take an exam to become Login Enterprise certified.

    Learn more and register

    New: Enabling Endpoint Verification Testing in Your Environment

    Verify apps and connections work properly before the employee starts using the device to speed up the onboarding process.

    • Confirm new hires have everything they need to do their job
    • Ensure your non-tech-savvy employees can ramp up quickly
    • Validate all security software is functioning correctly

    Learn more

    AWL – Customer Testimonial

    “By using Login Enterprise we can exactly see what performance does over time, we can see the impact of changes and improve our end-user experience.” – Marcel van Dorp, IT architect at AWL

    Watch Now


    News and Blogs

    • Add Some Decompression to your Login Enterprise Workloads (By Leee Jeffries)
      Read More
    • Automating a 25-minute Manual Test at AWL with Login Enterprise
      Read More
    • New Learning Solution Provides a Training Platform for all Customers and Partners
      Read More
    • [Press Release] Login VSI Launches New E-Learning Platform
      Read More
    • How to Proactively Identify Issues with Endpoint Verification Testing
      Read More
    • The VDILIKEAPRO – State of the Union 2021 Launch
      Read More

    Video: Digital Workspace Ecosystem Conversation with ESG

    ESG’s Mark Bowker discusses the Digital Workspace Ecosystem with Paul Campaniello of Login VSI. Watch this 5-minute video to learn about the Digital Workspace Ecosystem Alliance and its dedication to empowering organizations to develop the Digital Workspace strategy.

    Watch Now

    Survey Results: VDI Like a Pro State of the EUC Union 2021

    Independent research organization VDI Like a Pro has released the state of the EUC 2020 results! The 8th annual survey focused specifically on End User Computing (VDI and SBC) has been conducted and the free report is now available.

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    Reference Architectures

    • Dell EMC – VMware Horizon VDI for PowerFlex Family, Tested with Login VSI
      Read More
    • Hitachi – Infrastructure for Citrix Workspace with Hitachi VSP E790
      Read More
    • Hitachi – Infrastructure for Citrix Workspace with Hitachi VSP E990
      Read More
    • Cisco – FlashStack Data Center with VMware Horizon Provides an Outstanding Virtual Desktop End-User Experience as Measured by the Login VSI
      Read More
    • Dell EMC – Ready Solutions for VDI for the Financial Services Industry
      Read More
    • NetApp – Virtual Desktop Services: Single Server Load Test with Login VSI
      Read More

    New: Application Onboarding Utility

    The Application Onboarding Utility tool scans a Windows Client for applications and allows you to add them in bulk to the Application Repository of Login Enterprise. The following is required to run the tool successfully:

    • Login Enterprise 4.3.12 or higher
    • The Fully Qualified Domain Name of the Login Enterprise Appliance
    • A v4 API Write Token

    Learn More  Download Now

    Upcoming Virtual Events

    • July 15: VMUG UserCon Australia
    • Sept. 16: CUGC Southeast XL
    • Oct. 14: CUGC EMEA XL
    • Nov. 2: Future IT Workspace (NL)

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