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    LoginVSInsights: October Newsletter

    Read our October newsletter and keep updated on our latest news.

    We have just released Login Enterprise version 4.7! This release is full of enhancements designed to save you time and make the product easier to use. You can now go from install to testing in minutes! You can learn more about the release here. You can also join our weekly live demos to see the new features in action.

    Additionally, if you missed our recent Login VSI Summit, we now have many of the sessions available for on-demand playback here.

    Login VSI Summit 2021

    Watch the replays from the Login VSI Summit of ​​​thought-provoking experts to leverage industry-relevant insights, expert advice, EUC market predictions, and more for your business continuity in the event sessions covering various topics:

    • Digital transformation and future of digital workspace
    • EUC content, market trends, and predictions
    • Performance of AVD with Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session

    This year’s event brought together 1,000+ EUC experts from all over the world. IT professionals and inspiring keynote speakers joined to explore the latest trends, solutions, and best practices in the digital workspace. The event featured fresh perspectives from a series of experts.

    Learn more

    Webinar: Increasing Productivity and End User Experience In Today’s World

    Please join us and our friends from Wincourse and Liquidware for a lively discussion and Q&A on current topics facing the evolution of end-user computing and optimization of employee potential through the seamless deployment of the latest in technology solutions.

    Wednesday, Nov. 10th, 11am-12pm ET

    As we discuss employee optimization in a remote and hybrid world, we’ll focus on topics:

    • OS and Application Security Patching
    • First Mile / Last Mile
    • Continuous Testing and Optimization
    • Applications Installed vs. Used

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    EUC Change Testing

    The volume of updates and changes you must apply to your workspace environment seems to grow perpetually – hundreds of updates are presented as candidates for production release every week. The methodologies of the past are now irrelevant as pressure grows to get these changes into production faster.

    It is critical to test updates rigorously before releasing and, in many cases, mandatory because of compliance regulations. An automated testing platform that supports the entire testing lifecycle is necessary to meet the demands of EUC change testing at its growing level of need.

    Check out the case study of how the top ten retailer leverages Login Enterprise to automate change testing.

    Read Case Study

    Panel Discussion: VMworld 2021 Recap

    Missed some of the excellent EUC content at VMworld 2021?

    We have you covered! Our industry leaders discuss End-User Computing (EUC) in the digital workspace in this brief on-demand webinar. Watch our informal panel recap and expert opinion about the latest innovations rolled out to support an exceptional employee experience.

    Topics discussed:

    • Key announcements and developments from VMworld 2021
    • Takeaways in EUC world
    • Top sessions and what they mean to you

    Watch now


    News and Blogs

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    • Windows 10 vs. Windows 11: Last Operating System from Microsoft?
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    Upcoming Events

    • November 23-24: CUGC Sweden

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