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    LoginVSInsights: October Newsletter

    Did you miss our latest monthly newsletter? Read this blog and get up-to-date on October’s key highlights.

    Join us for our Healthcare Symposium on December 2! It’s a virtual event featuring several Login VSI customers. Our panel will discuss how the healthcare industry has shifted and adapted to a remote model. They will review how healthcare organizations stay connected while working from home and its implications on application availability.

    New Release: Login Enterprise 4.3

    Login VSI Releases Login Enterprise 4.3

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    Dealing with VDI downtime – Digitalisation World Talks to Login VSI

    Digitalisation World talks virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and, in particular, the importance of measuring and monitoring VDI performance to help ensure maximum uptime, with Michael Kent, Chief Technology Officer at Login VSI.

    Webinar: Optimize and Perfect the User Experience on WVD with Liquidware

    When migrating or considering Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) solutions for your environment, it is crucial to address some of the critical concerns:

    • Which instance type should you use for your workload and does it make sense to scale up or out?
    • Where will your users be accessing your services?
    • How do you guarantee the quality of user experience?

    Tuesday, November 10, 2020, at 3:00 pm Eastern Time

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    Upcoming Virtual Events

    November 18: CUGC XL Southwest Virtual

    November 19: DataSolutions’ Annual Partner Edge Event

    November 24: Public Sector Enterprise ICT (UK)

    December 3: VMUG Virtual (Global)

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