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    Migration Without Risking Performance

    Desktop as a Service and Cloud migrations are a top priority on IT’s to-do list these days.

    So is migrating from and to Citrix, Microsoft, or VMware – in any combination you like, including the new Windows 11.

    This creates a major challenge:

    How can you guarantee that switching one virtualization provider for another in your technology stack, leading a migration of desktops to the cloud, or even switching application vendors won’t cause a business slowdown, or worse yet, a standstill?

    How do you get answers to questions like: Will my applications and desktops scale similarly on the new platform? What will the user experience be like? How much will the new platform cost to operate?  And am I getting what I’m paying for?

    Login VSI Blog - Migration Without Risking Performance

    Login VSI’s holistic testing platform, Login Enterprise, enables you to quickly build and execute test plans, enabling side-by-side comparisons of the present technology versus the desired new platform. Login Enterprise will help you make the right choices of cloud service providers, instance sizes, and regions while considering the costs and user experience.

    Let’s have a closer look at some of the use cases of Login Enterprise.

    Before going live, and in your pre-production test environment, you need to determine whether or not the migration caused any unforeseen issues with and between the business and productivity applications. You also want to ensure that the end-user experience is as good, or better than the current production experience.

    Once the applications are running great, you should then do scalability testing, to make sure the end-user experience is great when the system is running the expected number of concurrent users. Many times our customers are able to optimize the environment even more, which ultimately means less operating cost of your new solution.

    Now you can be certain the business will benefit with the new Desktop as a Service or Cloud Migration solution, before rolling anything out to your production workforce.

    Of course, it does not stop there. As soon as you go “live” in production you want to test 24/7 to ensure system availability and application performance. Deploying a handful of virtual users to test the production user-experience continuously, gives the operations team a closer look at any minor or major changes in user-experience as soon as they happen.

    Whether during logon storms or from remote locations, the user experience should always be excellent. Login enterprise allows you to report and alert on this.

    Login VSI Blog - Migration Without Risking Performance

    Testing is the ultimate measure of confidence: Your company needs to be online without disruption, and your systems and applications need to perform to the max. Login Enterprise gives you the confidence and guarantees a fast and smooth migration – saving money and minimizing risk – resulting in happy end-users.

    If you are considering making a move to a cloud desktop or Desktop as a Service solution, let Login VSI help.

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