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    MSP Ensure End-User Experience

    A Managed Service Provider (MSP) specializing in financial services employs Login Enterprise to deliver the maximum user experience for their customer.

    An MSP was experiencing a problem…

    They were delivering published applications to a few hundred organizations and were having difficulties keeping pace with the change in their organization. Additionally, they wanted to have a conversation about performance and availability with their customers. They frequently found themselves in the awkward position of having to inform their customers that problems were the result of issues within the customer environment versus the components that the MSP was providing.


    They found that often these conversations resulted in a blame game. These situations are difficult to navigate as you need to be empathic towards the customers to ensure that you are retaining their business. I am certain that most of the readers have experienced this issue as well.

    Utilizing Login Enterprise, the MSP was able to capture information about the availability of their infrastructure, from within their datacenter. This data eliminated the blame game and resulted in a shared understanding of what a “normal” end-user experience should feel like for the customer.

    Image 1: Login VSI - Blog - MSP Ensure End-User Experience

     Figure 1. Login Enterprise dashboard: you can continuously monitor and LOAD test.


    This was done by executing a few standard workloads (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) at the customer environment. Running these workloads over time helped to understand the responsiveness of the systems.

    Image 2: Login VSI - Blog - MSP Ensure End User Experience

     Figure 2. Drill down view showing average or “normal” transactions.


    This information was useful because you cannot determine “slow” until you’ve identified “normal”. Next, a “custom” QuickBooks workload was added. The workload was a simple process: start QuickBooks (measure), select a company file (measure) and then load the company (measure) and next login. This would define a “normal” application interaction within QuickBooks; one of their primary applications.

    Image 3: Login VSI - Blog - MSP Ensure End User Experience

     Figure 3. View of application transactions over time. This will identify issues before end-users are impacted.


    With workload interactions being measured within QuickBooks, Service Level Agreements could be developed. The MSP didn’t want their customer to wait more than 2 seconds for QuickBooks to start or wait longer than 10 seconds for a company file to load. They easily build customized SLA reports in Login Enterprise to measure these benchmarks.

    Image 4: Login VSI - Blog - MSP Ensure End User Experience


    Image 5: Login VSI - Blog - MSP Ensure End User Experience

     Figure 4. Sample SLA report.


    Image 6: Login VSI - Blog - MSP Ensure End User Experience

     Figure 5. If the rates are this bad you might be in trouble.


    The final step was to distribute virtual users. Once distributed, the MSP was able to manage interactions in data centers in the Northeast, as well as Midwest. The MSP can use the same SLAs for both locations to determine if they are delivering on their performance objectives.

    The long-term vision of the MSP is to enable their largest customers to run the virtual user within the MSPs networks. This will ensure performance and availability at the network, physical location, and endpoint of their customers.




    About the author
    Brian Martynowicz

    Brian is Login VSI’s Director of Customer Services. He is responsible for ensuring operational excellence in supporting and implementing our solutions within customer environments. Having worked in IT consulting for the last 15 years he loves to share field engineering expertise, and customer services management experience with others. In his free time, you will find him blogging or producing vlogs for LinkedIn. His written content is syndicated on Citrixology.

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