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    NHS’s Secret to Success in Delivering a Fully Functional Remote Workspace

    At the start of the COVID pandemic, the National Health Service (NHS) found itself at risk due to outdated technology.

    As the number of infections was on the rise, the NHS’s challenge was to deliver a fully functional remote workspace quickly.

    General practitioners and specialists were not used to working from home at this scale, and IT personnel did not prepare the systems for the sudden shift. The laptop stocks were depleted, and no equipment was available to offer to employees. Even if laptops were available, it would take too long to enroll and deliver all devices.

    Many of the NHS’s applications have a traditional architecture that made them unsuitable over high latency networks like the internet. The complexity of these challenges had NHS Informatics Services scratching their heads. How do we build a remote workspace as fast as possible while keeping an eye on User-Experience?

    Fortunately, Login Consultants, part of Orange Business Services, had the experience and know-how to deal with precisely these kinds of challenges. Having performed similar migrations for multiple large customers before, their experts used a DevOps methodology to deliver to the NHS a completely new remote IT workspace based on VMware Horizon Cloud. The process was a crucial element in the successful delivery as it allowed for fast learning and easy adoption of business requirements.

    An ambitious goal of delivering a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) for thousands of users meant working in overdrive. NHS and Login experts combined forces and worked long hours to reach their goal.

    Download the NHS Case Study to learn how Login Consultants and NHS IT onboarded personnel to their new workspace and delivered exceptional user experience.

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