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    [Report] State of the VDI/SBC Union Survey Results

    At our community site VDILIKEAPRO.com we recently surveyed almost 1000 persons who work in the End User Computing industry with a focus on VDI and SBC. This survey has been held for the 4th time and with so many responses from all over the world it offers us some unique insights in the state of the VDI and SBC union.

    The rise of DaaS

    The primary use cases for SBC remain Desktop as a Service, Centralized management and cost reduction. Especially DaaS stands out gaining a lot of momentum within enterprises of all sizes even though Microsoft licensing can still be challenging.

    Companies investing in VDI do this preliminary to provide Desktops as a Service but also to offer their employees anywhere access while keeping management of their systems centralized. A point of concern there might be that next to the VDI environment most the users are still on fat-clients and/or notebooks (56%) with Windows installed resulting in more machines to manage and higher licensing costs.

    The move to the virtual desktop is supported by better performing platforms. The data shows that traditional storage is becoming a thing of the past and 3D multimedia is supported better than ever with more than 25% of the respondents having at least a small portion of their environment fitted with GPU’s.

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    Security, data protection and access control

    The organizations priorities are not perfectly aligned with the interests of most IT-Admins, while the admin’s like myself love to dive into new technologies (windows 10, Office 365, GPU’s) the business is looking mostly at securing their data and controlling access to the environment. Shadow-IT has a major impact on both topics as people are actively looking for ways to deliver services that IT cannot or cannot deliver fast enough.

    “Organizations must ask themselves: How will the behavior of your end-users impact your IT infrastructure” says Shelly Hoekstra account executive at Login VSI.

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    Download the report

    The State of the VDI/SBC Union Survey Results are available for free. 

    Download the Full Report Here

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    Mark Plettenberg

    Mark Plettenberg (@markplettenberg) is a product manager of Login VSI and has played a critical role in the development and growth of Login VSI. Ask Mark about motorcycle mechanics and breaking/repairing anything and everything that has a power plug.

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