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    State of EUC Survey Results

    State of EUC Survey Results

    At community site we recently surveyed almost 600 persons who work in the End User Computing (EUC) industry with a focus on VDI and SBC.

    This annual survey has been held for the 6th time and with so many responses from all over the world it offers us some unique insights in the state of the VDI and SBC union.

    The Rise of DaaS

    The primary use cases for VDI remains Desktop as a Service, Centralized management and cost reduction, the rise of DaaS Is a header from one of my blogposts from 2017, but its still valid today. With ever more offerings coming up (Windows Virtual Desktop, Citrix Managed Desktop and many more). Increased security is up by 4% which is one of the biggest movers.

    Login VSI Blog - State of EUC Survey Results - What is the most important reason you use this VDI Environment?

    In the date its also easy to spot that the average VDI environment is getting older (40% is at 5+ years), or should we say: more mature? Big bang migrations as we had moving from Windows 7 to Windows 10 are a thing of the past (unless you are part of the 20% that must move) and updates have become smaller but more frequent. This does present us with some challenges, some IT-departments are unable to keep up with the pace of change as they are not using automation to its full potential, or worse implement changes manually and secondly not all of these changes are good for end-user-experience and scalability.

    Login VSI Blog - State of EUC Survey Results - Are you satisfied overall with the current VDI?SBC solution?

    So with VDI environments maturing, technological advances in storage and GPU technologies taking away a lot of bottlenecks, and updates coming out more frequently how can it be that satisfaction is going down? From Login VSI’s perspective its no surprise we’d like to argue that this is because all of these rapid changes and updates, have you really tested the impact on scalability or compatibility before the go-live? It does make me happy that more organizations see a clear need for testing as their change-management processes are being locked down.

    Login VSI Blog - State of EUC Survey Results - Do you perform load tests in your VDI/SBC environment?

    So how much data did we gather? Well we’ve got 582 responses from 67 countries. Altogether this has led to a +70 pages document that you can get for free at

    Login VSI Blog - State of EUC Survey Results - End User Computing Trends Through The Years


    Download Full Report


    Naturally I’d like to thank all persons who’ve participated, we know it’s a lot of questions, so we really appreciate the effort. Additionally, I’d like to thank BitDefender and Parallels for their contribution towards our spending (on the surveytool and promoted tweets) and last but not least Christiaan and Ruben for working together on this.


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