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    The Pace of Change

    The pace of change has never been this fast, yet it will never be this slow again

    We all know this quote from Justin Trudeau (Prime Minister of Canada). However, what is amazing is how it feels more relevant with every passing day.

    According to Threatpost, we need to look no further than Microsoft for validation.

    Microsoft just issued their final security advisory of 2020 and it contains 9 critical bugs and 58 overall fixes. This last release brings the computing giant’s patch tally to 1,250 for the year – well beyond 2019’s 840. And that’s JUST Microsoft…your other vendors are also moving quickly.

    This reinforces the criticality of testing. This single vendor (admittedly one of the largest) has pushed out over 2,000 updates in the past 24 months. How is it possible to ensure that these updates do not adversely affect your production environment?


    Let me say that again. Testing. Specifically automated testing. The only way to ensure that you can keep your applications up and performing properly is by deploying an automated testing platform.

    When we see data like this, we realize how crucial it is to proactively test to determine performance and availability ahead of time – to prevent productivity loss. Login VSI specifically addresses this problem, automatically tests the impact of change on multiple applications a day, identifying any issues, before deploying to production.

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    About the author
    Paul Campaniello

    Paul Campaniello is the Vice President of Global Marketing at Login VSI. He is responsible for global marketing and communications, including GTM strategy, sales enablement, brand management, product marketing, demand generation, and analyst & public relations. Paul has held senior marketing roles at a variety of technology companies and he holds both a BS and a MBA from Bentley University.

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