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    The Ultimate Windows 10 Tuning Templates for any VDI Environment

    It’s finally 2021, a year that promises a fresh start with optimism.

    In that spirit, we have decided to revisit a very popular topic in our VDI market… Tuning Templates for Windows 10.

    2020 made it clear that there is no end to change, and A LOT is changing, and changing rapidly, in all parts of the digital workspace. Our work from home culture now demands a lot from IT, including an end-user-experience that is better or at least the same as they experience when on-premises. Optimization makes up a large component in delivering a great end-user experience, as well as compensating for any loss or fluctuation in performance due to a service-branch release, especially when it comes to logins (see Figure 1).

    Login VSI Blog - Windows 10 Tuning Template 2021 - Windows 10 Login Performance - Image 1

    Figure 1 – Big changes in Login Performance between versions

    Since the beginning of VDI, the geeks at Login VSI have always worked on optimizations to make things go faster. In our enthusiasm in 2016, it made sense to release the Login VSI Tuning Template for VMware OSOT, but it is ancient now as most things in IT.

    First, all the good tweaks we found now come standard in all these tuning tools; there have been so many changes in Windows 10 that tuning programs are updating at least a couple of times a year to keep up. Second, there are three different mainstream tuning programs: VMware OSOT, Citrix Optimizer, and Microsoft Virtual Desktop Optimization Tool. They all have their benefits, and for the most part, they are specifically designed to bring the most significant benefits to their respective platforms and are relatively easy to use.

    If you’re curious about how different Windows 10 service branch releases performed compared to each other, here is the latest review of performance data using these optimizers:

    Suppose you’re testing Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (XenApp and XenDesktop services), VMware Horizon, Windows 10 service branches, Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session for Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), antivirus updates, or new line-of-business applications. In that case, Login Enterprise is an ideal solution for discovering the impact of changes objectively and without any impact on production users or agents installed to your golden images.

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