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    Better Together – IGEL and Login VSI

    How Login VSI and IGEL work together

    We often get the question about how the solutions of IGEL and Login VSI fit together in their offerings towards VDI. In the past months we have been working with IGEL on the messages for a number of tradeshows (including our own VDI Performance Summit). Based on these exercises I tried to better understand how we complement each other and to condense this mutual story into a compact, easy to remember, 1-pager. Please keep in mind this blogpost is only reflecting my personal views and is not a formal IGEL and Login VSI positioning standpoint (but there is no reason that it may not be adopted as such in the future).


    On Feb. 6, IGEL issued the following press release:IGEL, a world leader in software-defined endpoint optimization and control solutions for the secure enterprise, today announced that it is partnering with Login VSI, provider of software solutions to test and actively monitor the performance and availability of virtual desktop environments, including VDI and Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), to deliver Login PI active monitoring functionality via the IGEL OS”.

    The trigger to issue this press release was the availability of the Login PI continuity testing software on the Embedded Linux operating system used in the IGEL OS. Up to this point Login PI had only been available on Windows Embedded devices. This brand-new availability of Login PI on the IGEL OS makes it possible for all IGEL customers to collect objective end-user experience data 24/7 from any remote location, using any type of IGEL (based) device.

    According to the IGEL company website: “IGEL can convert any x86 endpoint, notebook, tablets (as long as it meets min required specs of an 64-bit, x86 processor with 2GB memory and at least 2GB storage) or PC, regardless of manufacturer (fw: into VDI or other endpoint).”

    As most of thin clients in this world are running some form of Linux, this is a major shift in possibilities for both IGEL (no other thin-client competitor offers this) and Login VSI (this is a major move towards VDI testing from Linux clients, opening a new huge market opportunity.

    IGEL and Login VSI are actively partnering in several business opportunities to provide better VDI workspaces to enterprises all over the world. Both companies bring their own strengths:

    1. IGEL is focused on securing and optimizing endpoints

    IGEL offerings include software for endpoints (the IGEL OS), software for the datacenter (the management solutions) and hardware endpoints. The IGEL solutions enable an easy move from a PC based or other hard to manage (different devices) environment, to a controlled, secure and easy to manage centralized environment. The IGEL solutions make moving to, and managing of, VDI/SBC environments easy to do.

    2. Login VSI is focused on optimizing end-user experience

    Login VSI is the industry standard for VDI performance testing. Login VSI offers a suite of solutions for testing performance, scalability, availability and compatibility of desktops and applications running in centralized environments such as VD, SBC and Cloud.

    Different phases, different benefits

    Project phase: the roll-out of VDI is only successful when the end-users are happy

    1. IGEL makes moving to VDI easy

    According to the IGEL company website: “For the fastest and most seamless switch to desktop virtualization, consider IGEL’s “plug and go” rollout. It only takes minutes and makes remote management as easy for 1,000 devices as for 10.”

    But an easy move is only a successful move when all works as well after the move as it did before. End-user experience (read availability and performance) is key for this success and must be the same or preferably better after the move. IGEL is very aware of this aspect as they mention on their POC page: “At the POC stage of virtualization, you’ll create a rigorous stress test to see how the endpoints can be managed in your own scaled-down environment.”

    Where IGEL makes moving to VDI fast and easy, Login VSI helps to make the move also successful from an end-user perspective. The different solutions of Login VSI both play a crucial role in a successful roll-out by helping to test and optimize density and performance:

    2. Use Login PI to compare End-User Experience before and after the move

    Login PI offers a very precise and objective way of measuring the base-line performance of the fat client/PC based solution before the move to centralization. The deep application testing feature allows for a very detailed measurement of each user task that is important. The exact same tests can be done in the new infrastructure, this to help make sure the new environment provides the same user experience, which is key for the end-user acceptance.

    3. Use Login VSI to test the new environment, before going live with real users

    The Login VSI Load Testing solution is created to stress test new centralized environments on performance and density, before going live full-force with real users. Pre-production load testing is needed in every environment to guarantee the best possible business continuity.

    Production phase: to keep VDI environments healthy, change management is a must

    4. IGEL makes managing endpoints easy

    According to the IGEL company website: “We believe it should be as easy to remotely manage 10,000 devices as 10.”

    VDI environments introduce a single point of failure. When the centralized environment fails, all users are affected. VDI environments are also complex, introducing many layers and interdependencies. The constant flow of updates in the related software layers (such as OS, application, AV, Citrix, Horizon, RDS) are the main risk to cause VDI failure. To make sure VDI environments can run uninterrupted a structured regime for change management is needed.

    5. Use Login VSI to test all planned changes before going into production

    Login VSI is the perfect solution to test planned changes before and after implementation, before real users come in. It is key to test these changes at full user load as not all potential problems will reveal themselves when tested with a small number of users or on a testbed. Login VSI makes it easy to perform these tests, closely simulating the real-user workforce.

    IGEL zero clients can connect to all leading VDI solutions which makes changing your SBC or VDI environment easy to do. The zero clients from IGEL work with all leading virtualization solutions: Citrix, Horizon and RDS. Login VSI is 100% vendor independent and offers the best solution to benchmark, or pre- and post-test, the different VDI solutions in an objective way.

    6. Use Login PI to detect application performance issues before real users do

    VDI environments can be negatively affected by automatic software updates (think of SaaS), human error or other unplanned changes. Login PI offers a pro-active continuity testing solution that checks your VDI environment and its applications 24/7. Login PI will detect and alert on issues with application availability or performance before your real users come in, allowing you to react immediately, avoiding business slowdown and reducing helpdesk calls.

    IGEL and LOGIN VSI have agreed to integrate the Login PI solution in the newest IGEL OS.

    “Today’s businesses are looking for complete solutions that can proactively optimize the end-user computing experience, while offering protection for VDI and DaaS environments,” said Matthias Haas, CTO, IGEL. “We are pleased to be teaming with Login VSI to improve the performance and availability of our mutual customers’ virtual desktop environments. We see the addition of Login PI to the IGEL OS as an important development in our efforts to optimize the endpoint and drive end user productivity.”
    (IGEL press release, February 6)


    The benefits of VDI:
    • Centralized endpoint management lowers cost (TCO) and enhances control and security
    The benefits of IGEL:
    • IGEL makes the roll-out and management of centralized endpoints easy
    • IGEL makes centralized endpoint more secure, manageable and cost-effective
    The benefits of Login VSI:
    • Login VSI helps to build and protect a good user experience in VDI
    • Login VSI helps to optimize the performance, availability and scalability of VDI

    Login VSI and IGEL - Better Together




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    The company Login VSI provides end-user performance insights for virtualized desktop and server based computing environments. Enterprise IT departments use flagship product Login VSI (for load testing) and new addition Login PI (for continuity testing) in all phases of their virtual desktop deployment—from planning to deployment to change management—to build and safeguard a good performance, a high availability, and (as a result) a good and consistent end-user experience. For more information about Login VSI or for a free test license contact us.

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