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    The VDILIKEAPRO – State of the Union 2021 Survey Results

    Do you sometimes wonder where the EUC market is going, what products your peers are using, and perhaps what are the biggest challenges?

    Well, I do, and it turns out a lot of you do as well as more than 1,600 people from more than 60 countries have participated in the State of End User Computing (EUC) market survey 2021. Since 2012, we have conducted similar surveys.

    The End User Computing – State of the Union is truly unique because it’s unbiased, independent, powered by the community, and the results are available for everyone—free of charge.

    The document provides valuable insights into trends, real-world deployments, configuration, and usage, both on-premises and public cloud environments. Over the last few weeks, we’ve put together a 66-page report including charts on the state of the industry, all community-driven, vendor-neutral statistical goodness. You can find the full whitepaper for free here.

    We’ve also conducted a live webinar to go through the most important topics. If you’re interested, you can find that here:

    A key EUC initiative for 2021 is Desktop as a Service. Nobody will be shocked by this as it’s been in the top five initiatives since 2018. More people are actively trying to make a move now; some are venturing into new initiatives, e.g., Windows Virtual Desktop, while others make small steps going for a hybrid approach. The maturity of DaaS platforms varies a lot, and user experience, resulting in many inquiries to Login VSI to help with challenges in that regard.

    Regarding the challenges when moving to the public cloud, we asked: “What are the biggest challenges in using or adopting Virtual applications and desktops in the public cloud”? Creating a positive business case and Performance scored a lot of points. My colleague Blair has recently done an excellent webinar on these two topics based on examples with WVD. If you’re interested, check it out here.

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    Another significant (but unsurprising) trend is that patching is done more often. While doing patches Multiple times per week (in EUC) has seen a decline over the last few years, the trend has clearly been reversed this year and has gone up significantly. Its to be expected that more companies will invest in automated deployment and testing, allowing organizations to accelerate even faster. If you’re the unlucky it-admin who’s still doing all changes manually (26%), a good starting point to increase the user experience of your environment would be to start testing. This way, when you begin to automate more, you can be confident you’re not automating disaster.

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    Naturally, it’s not all about the cloud; we’ve also asked: “What are today’s biggest challenges with your on-premises virtual applications and desktops environment.” Interestingly, even those who rely on on-premises Cloud migrations are a topic of interest as it managed to sneak up to fifth place this year.

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    To conclude, it has been a lot of fun going through all of your responses and working them into this year’s report. If you’ve participated, thank you very much and perhaps, till next year!

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    Mark Plettenberg

    Mark Plettenberg (@markplettenberg) is a product manager of Login VSI and has played a critical role in the development and growth of Login VSI. Ask Mark about motorcycle mechanics and breaking/repairing anything and everything that has a power plug.

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