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    The VDILIKEAPRO – State of the Union 2021 Survey

    The annual research is a global initiative for and by the entire EUC community.

    The independent research organization, ‘VDI Like a PRO,’ started in 2013, intending to provide an annual insider view of the End User Computing (EUC) community.

    With most of the questions repeated, the survey gathers data about the industry’s yearly status and discovers changes and trends. Last year, close to 700 respondents participated in the survey, making this initiative one of the most extensive, unbiased research on the EUC market. View the previous year’s results here.

    Please participate in the survey and support the EUC community. VDILIKEAPRO randomly select three community participants who will receive an EXCLUSIVE Dutch Stroopwafel arrangement and a $25 Amazon gift card. The survey aims to get a clear view of how the EUC industry is changing and to support all involved with valuable, independent, and unbiased research results based on actual and objective customer data.

    Please take 10 minutes of your time and contribute to this initiative.

    Start the VDILIKEAPRO 2021 TODAY

    For more information, please visit

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    Mark Plettenberg

    Mark Plettenberg (@markplettenberg) is a product manager of Login VSI and has played a critical role in the development and growth of Login VSI. Ask Mark about motorcycle mechanics and breaking/repairing anything and everything that has a power plug.

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