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    Tune Windows 10 in every VDI environment with VMware OS Optimization Tool

    Whether you are using a desktop virtualization solution from Citrix, Microsoft or VMware, everyone should tune their Windows 10 image for the best VDI performance (at least when you take your job seriously). If you attended our #VDILIKAPRO webinar last week (available on-demand here), you might have heard the name “VMware OS Optimizaton Tool” (OSOT).


    Update March 31, 2016:

    I am proud to announce that we created our own template for VMware OS Optimization Tool with even more tuning settings and best practices for Windows 10. The first version is now available for download (for free).

    Download #VDILIKEAPRO Tuning Template


    In our #VDILIKEAPRO labs we perform a lot of performance tests. During one of our test cycles we decided to give this tool a try and we were quite amazed by the results…

    Login VSI - Windows 10 Tuning Template - vanilla windows 10 vs vmware os optimization tool results

    Comparison in % – Vanilla Windows 10 (No Tuning/PCoIP) = 100% vs VMware OS Optimization Tool (OSOT Full/PCoIP)

    As you can see, VSImax dramatically increased by 44% by enabling all the tuning options in this tool when we tested with PCoIP. We saw very similar results in Login VSI’s headless ‘Direct Desktop Mode’ (using console sessions). You might wonder why CPU utilization went down and read IO and read and write throughput went up? We did too. After extensive testing it became clear disabling prefetch/superfetch and memory compression played a huge role in this. You can watch the recorded webinar if you want to learn more about this. By the way, you will not find the above comparison in this webinar: we had so much content we forgot!

    VMware’s OSOT is for everyone!

    Also, our main conclusion is that this tool is not just limited to VMware Horizon View environments. Citrix XenDesktop and Microsoft VDI (or any other VDI solution) can also use all of the tuning options in this tool to optimize the Windows 10 image. No tuning in the OSOT’s Windows 10 template is specific to VMware View. Because of this independent functionality, we decided to use this tool in all of our #VDILIKAPRO Windows 10 tests and to recommend this tool as the must-have toolset to tune your Windows 10 image for VDI.

    What can you tune with VMware OS Optimization Tool?

    Login VSI - Windows 10 Tuning Template - I pity the fool who installs windows 10 in their vdi environment without tuning it first - mr.T memeOSOT has many tuning sections:

    • Apply HKCU Settings to Registry
    • Apply HKLM Settings to Registry
    • Disable Features
    • Disable Scheduled Tasks
    • Apply Visual Effect Settings To New Users
    • Disable Scheduled Tasks
    • Disable Services
    • Disable Startup Run
    • Disable UAC
    • Improving Login Time
    • Remove Apps

    In the future, we will publish several blogs with the individual test results of each configuration option. This will give you a good idea of the performance impact of these changes. Can’t wait for these blogs? Watch our on-demand webinar for a detailed analysis of the performance best practices.

    How to get the VMware OS Optimization Tool

    Simply go to VMware Labs and download the file, extract and install. When you start your first analysis, make sure to select the specific Windows 10 template.

    Login VSI - Windows 10 Tuning Template - vmware os optimization tool screenshot

    VMware OS Optimization Tool (OSOT)

    Find the perfect balance between performance and functionality

    Login VSI - Windows 10 Tuning Template - windows 10 in vdi darth vaderA very important PS: Tuning performance by disabling all of the features sounds great to a sysadmin but please remember that your end users will still have to work on their Windows 10 desktops. Can your users be efficient without search in Outlook? Will they be happy without ClearType? How much use is an XboxApp in an enterprise environment? Before disabling a lot of these Windows 10 features via VMware OS Optimization tool, first make sure that you think about how this tuning will affect your end users. A highly recommended resource (all VDI solutions) is Daniel Feller’s multipart blog about Windows 10 tuning.

    Also be aware that every VDI environment is unique and has different software and hardware components. This will have an impact on the performance of your Windows 10 environment. So before making these changes make sure that you always test your unique environment. Assumption is truly the mother of all performance disasters! Luckily there is a software product that can help with this: Login VSI, the award-winning industry-standard for VDI load-testing.

    Don’t be Darth… be #VDILIKEAPRO

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