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    Understanding the Future of End-User Computing

    Independent research organization VDI Like a Pro has released its 7th annual state of EUC report.

    with 695 respondents from 52 countries, which is by far the biggest and longest-running community research project in the End-User Computing market, it was announced last week at E2EVC.

    The team (Ruben Spruijt, Nutanix; Christiaan Brinkhoff, Microsoft; Mark Plettenberg, Login VSI) have put a lot of effort in adapting the survey to better support the up-and-coming Desktop as a Service market giving interesting insights today but also preparing for trend analysis in the upcoming years. The results proved to be a good choice as Desktop as a Service turned out to be the biggest initiative for IT-Admins in 2020/2021.

    Login VSI Blog - Understanding the Future of End-User Computing - Image 1

    Every year we offer the report for free. You can register HERE to receive your 75-page report. Registration information is used to send out a participation request for next year.

    The State of EUC report 2020 is truly unique because it’s unbiased, independent, powered by the community and the results are available for everyone—free of charge. The state of the End-User Computing union gives valuable insights into real-world deployments, configuration, and usage, both on-premises and in public cloud environments.

    In the last few years, at Login VSI, we have improved our software to help with your change management process as we know that in most cases issues are caused by change. This year we have seen an uptick in Updates that are performed manually. This can cause more outages, so we recommend being cautious when doing this and to make sure you test properly.

    Login VSI Blog - Understanding the Future of End-User Computing - Image 2 - How are Windows OS and applications installed, updated and managed on your main platform?

    It’s also clear that from the respondents that are looking to move their desktops to the cloud: Windows virtual desktop is the most popular choice. Login VSI has been working with the WVD products teams in Redmond and has made sure a starter kit is available for all that want to try WVD, or guarantee a successful migration to the cloud.

    Login VSI Blog - Understanding the Future of End-User Computing - Image 3 - Which virtual applications and desktop as a service solution are you using or will you introduce?

    The above charts are to demonstrate a general overview. If you’re interested in more details, you can download the full survey report via the link below. Big thanks to everyone that supported us and shared their views with VDI Like a Pro. We hope to hear from you again next year!

    Get your copy here

    What trends have you noticed in 2020 and how have you dealt with them? Tell us in the comments below!

    About the author
    Mark Plettenberg

    Mark Plettenberg (@markplettenberg) is a product manager of Login VSI and has played a critical role in the development and growth of Login VSI. Ask Mark about motorcycle mechanics and breaking/repairing anything and everything that has a power plug.

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