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    VDI Performance Summit 2020 – Virtual Conference and Expo

    A day packed with presentations from the best industry experts in the field.

    This one-day virtual event focuses exclusively on the performance and tuning of VDI, SBC, and DaaS. With speakers from Microsoft, Nutanix, Citrix, VMware, and many more, this event is sure to enhance your VDI knowledge.

    The virtual conference allows you to participate remotely; no travel required – which is perfect given the current travel restrictions. This virtual conference includes an expo area that allows you to network with industry leaders from the convenience of your home or office for FREE.

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    Sessions include:

    • Become the Q of James Bond with Intriguing Insights in Workplace Development
    • Windows 10: Gaining Maximum Performance
    • How to optimize User Experience when using Remoting Protocols
    • WVD and the Ground-breaking Performance Profile of Windows 10 Enterprise Multi-Session

    Reasons to attend:

    • Opportunity to connect with experts that can help you in case you have questions
    • Learn tips and tricks to improve performance from real experts
    • Take all you learned from the experts, and be the new VDI hero in your organization

    Reasons to visit the virtual expo:

    But it doesn’t stop there, this is not your typical webinar, there will be breakout sessions and even a virtual expo that you can walk through to:

    • Meet relevant vendors and learn the newest solutions that can help you improve EUX
    • Win cool goodies in the different vendor sponsored raffles
    • And finally, you don’t have to travel, and the attendance is free!

    Learn more: www.vdiperformancesummit.com

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