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    Recorded Webinar – New school VDI, the DevOps way… #VDIops

    Psssst! Something very special is about to happen…

    We, Login VSI, are on a mission to cause a true paradigm shift in the way we manage the virtual workspace and we are looking forward to share our vision with you.


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    Old school vs new school: change of pace

    The digital workspace is changing more quickly than we could ever imagine. In the VDI market and with many of our enterprise customers we’ve seen significant innovations and big shifts in how we consume, build and operate the IT workspace in this decade. To understand where Enterprise IT is going, just look what is happening with the fast pace of change and innovation seen in the delivery of cloud services and contemporary software. For everyone: weekly or even daily change cycles are becoming a norm versus the quarterly or annual change cycles.

    One primary example of this change acceleration is Windows 10. Most organizations are interested in using the Current Business Branch (CBB). However, the Windows 10 CBB is updated regularly by Microsoft, and only the latest 2 branches are supported. As a result, when Microsoft has released CCB 3, CBB1 is not supported anymore. Because of this you will need to fundamentally change your test and release strategy!


    webinar new school vdi the devops way vdiops digital workspace transformation 2010 vs 2020

    Digital Workspace transformations in this decade: 2010 vs 2020


    One paradigm shift in IT that is becoming more visible and more tangible is DevOps. DevOps transformed how developers and IT operations collaborate through ‘continuously delivery’ of new releases and updates using a much more agile and risk reducing approach. For many software IT organizations DevOps has become the ‘new normal’, it is considered by far the most productive and competitive way to deliver software and services.

    We are ready now to translate the DevOps methodology and more importantly the tremendous benefits of ‘Continuous Delivery’ to the way you manage your virtual workspace.

    Why do developers care so much about DevOps? “High-performing IT organizations (using DevOps) deploy 30x more frequently with 200x shorter lead times; they have 60x fewer failures and recover 168x faster.” According to the ‘State of DevOps 2015 Report’ by Puppet Labs. These are lofty conclusions, but it exemplifies the enormous potential of ‘Continuous Delivery’ in contrast of the ‘old-way’ in IT ops.

    Just a couple years ago DevOps and ‘Continuous Delivery’ were obscure terms (especially in Enterprise IT) only used by progressive software developers. However, we at Login VSI are deeply inspired by this because so many truths we have learned over the years are core assets of DevOps. We are ready now to translate the DevOps methodology and more importantly the tremendous benefits of ‘Continuous Delivery’ to the way you manage your virtual workspace.

    Watch the recording of our webinar

    “Why should I listen to you? I have seen it all brother…” (Source: You!)

    We welcome you to watch the recording of our webinar on Thursday June 30. During this session you will learn what we have seen happening in some of our largest and most successful enterprise customers, covering their scenarios and how Login VSI helps to fundamentally change IT ops for to keep up with the fast paced and constantly changing virtual desktop infrastructures. By the way—all of these principles and solutions are available to you too.

    In this visionary AND practical webinar we will show you how you can (easily) move away from the slow and painful ‘old school’ enterprise management approach we have grown accustomed to over the last 20 years. You will discover how you can move into the world of mobile and cloud services, where ‘user experience’ is king, and where ‘DevOps’ and ‘Continuous Delivery’ are major game changers that make this all possible.

    Introducing #VDIops

    Discover how you can adopt many DevOps principles with the new Login VSI suite and how ‘Continuous Delivery of the virtual workspace’ is a reality today. Find out how concepts like

    • minimal viable product
    • portable automation
    • zero touch server/desktop image build
    • design once – deploy many: blueprints
    • automatic integration validation
    • closing the user feedback loop
    • desired state configuration
    • mean time to recover (MTTR)

    and so many other DevOps concepts we should apply to the management of your virtual desktop infrastructure.

    We like to call this #VDIops. Although the term might sound new, we have been carrying this vision for many years. We believe there is a way, today, for you to radically amplify VDI operations productivity, and dramatically reduce change related incidents at the same time. This might sound ambitious, but luckily it is very easy to adopt #VDIops in small steps. Like to know how? We are looking forward to share our enthusiasm in our first ever #VDIops webinar.

    Watch the recording

    Whether you are deploying and-or operating Citrix XenDesktop / XenApp, VMware Horizon, Amazon Workspace Services or any other hosted virtual desktop solution, we welcome you to watch the recording of our webinar (recorded on Thursday June 30).


    Update July 7, 2016: added the recording of the webinar.

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