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    Recorded Webinar: VDI Performance Testing Like A Pro – Learn from our Best Practices and Guidelines

    Whether you are a total newbie or a true expert in VDI engineering, testing, benchmarking or performance tuning, make sure to watch the recording of the second #VDILIKEAPRO webinar that we organized on Thursday April 21. Really, I am not kidding here! I know we always say this, but this webinar is special and, to be honest, long overdue.

    By now you are probably aware that we organized our first #VDILIKEAPRO webinar about the performance tuning of Windows 10 a couple of weeks ago. Mark Plettenberg, Omar Bouhaj and I presented a lot of interesting performance data based on tests in our own lab environment. These test results are very valuable to the community, but the fact remains that every VDI or SBC environment is unique. Updating to Windows 10 or implementing any other change in hardware or software might have a fundamentally different impact in your virtualized desktop environment.

    To measure is to know

    bad luck brian perfectly tunes his vdi environment gets fired because there are no performance issues

    For example, Microsoft Office 2013 needed 20% more capacity in comparison to previous versions of Office. You will only know how an update will behave in your environment, by first testing it. That’s why we recommend to validate any change (even small patches) before implementing them in production. To introduce you to the wonderful world of performance testing and tuning, #VDILIKEAPRO is organizing our first “Testing Like A Pro” webinar.

    Over the last several years we’ve seen a lot of different environments based on Citrix, Microsoft and VMware technology. We really know VDI, and we would like to share our knowledge and best practices with you.

    I am genuinely looking forward to discuss all the vital best practices we learned through years of validating and optimizing VDI and SBC environments in Project VRC, Login VSI’s labs and hundreds of our customers. I am joined by my colleague and VDI performance guru Mark Plettenberg (@MarkPlettenberg). In this webinar you will learn from our mistakes (I promise you, we made many) and our successes.

    webinar vdi performance testing like a pro learn from our best practices and guidelines jeroen van de kamp mark plettenberg

    The speakers: Jeroen van de Kamp and Mark Plettenberg

    Webinar topics

    Some examples of the questions we will answer:

    • What are the usual testing mistakes and what approach give better results more quickly?
    • How do I get more consistent results, and how does this translate to real world user experience?
    • How do I build a good testing environment in our lab or in our production environment?
    • What are best practices for workload usage and customization?
    • How do you correlate Login VSI performance data with other sources?
    • How do compare and evaluate products and different solutions with testing?
    • What do I use testing to create a reference architecture or marketing whitepaper?
    • What are the best practices for right sizing your VDI environment?
    • How do I use testing to optimize and fine tune my VDI setup?
    • How can I use testing as part of my change or R&D cycle to prevent the usual problems?
    • How do I validate a new VDI environment before scaling up production users?
    • What are the best practices to do long term soak testing or worst case validation?

    Do not expect a step-by-step guide on how to install Login VSI or a sales pitch. Do expect real best practices, deep-dives and guidelines in VDI testing, benchmarking or performance optimizations. Even when you are not familiar with Login VSI (yet), this is probably the best place to start.

    Watch the recording

    Update April 21: Added the recording of the webinar.