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    What to expect from VMworld 2021?

    This year, VMware is hosting their annual event – VMworld – once again virtually around the world on October 5-7.

    The conference addresses the latest about VMware`s vision and how VMware solutions and products can transform a business and accelerate its digital journey. VMworld is a multi-cloud event.

    As always, VMware put together a great event with incredible speakers and sessions. With so many different sessions, it can be overwhelming to select the right ones to attend. Our experts reviewed the agenda and identified the best sessions to attend. For sure, you don’t want to miss Will Smith as he joins VMware President Sumit Dhawan as they discuss the foundation of success and how to thrive through continual transformation and growth.

    Be sure to add them to your agenda!

    Tue, October 5

    • Solution Keynote: DevSecOps Your Way to Any Cloud
      What’s driving your business today? It’s new ways to engage your customers digitally. It’s using cloud technologies to scale with demand over any channel. It’s delivering continuous customer satisfaction that enables you to compete and win. Bottom line: it’s all about the customer experience—and the modern applications that make it happen. Join us to hear how companies like yours have embarked on modernization journeys to deliver better customer experiences continuously. We’ll walk through the DevSecOps approach that enables you to: empower developers to build innovative, secure apps; deliver applications in a compliant, secure way, and manage modern, distributed applications sustainably.
    • Automation is Modernizing Networks – See it in Action with HSBC
      A modern network prioritizes business results, automates operations, and reduces IT overhead – providing self-service connectivity & security across multiple infrastructures and clouds. The goal is to deliver great experiences to customers and employees, while relieving IT, Ops, and Developer teams of manual configurations and management. We shared the details of this vision in Self-service will Modernize Networks, Part 1. Join HSBC, a global financial organization, to see what a modern self-service network can do: – Future-proof with automated application delivery and simplified operations for hundreds of apps – Work-from-anywhere roll-out to its global workforce – East-west security without network changes – Deliver a consistent public cloud experience by automating all required networking services across all clouds.

    Weds, October 6

    • Solution Keynote: The Future of Hybrid Work Made Possible Today
      Supporting secure, productive workspaces for our employees working anywhere has become a necessity. But, easier said than done as customers struggle with perimeter-based security and management constructs. Join Shankar Iyer as he brings to reality VMware Anywhere Workspace – an integrated solution featuring cloud-native endpoint management, endpoint protection, and SASE technologies. You will learn how Anywhere Workspace empowers your distributed workforce with secure, frictionless experiences; and your IT teams with the power of ruthless automation.
    • Connect and Secure Distributed Applications and Users
      With SASE, consistent network and security policies are automatically set based on identity and context to connect users to applications. Applications increasingly include components from multiple suppliers, are geographically distributed across private and public clouds and may be subject to regulations such as GDPR, or PCI. These applications need to be networked and secured in a consistent and automated manner. This session shows how to apply SASE principles to deliver secure connectivity for composite applications. With well understood technologies and attributes, such as JSON tokens, API gateways, identity and context you can automatically enforce the correct policies, freeing developers to focus on application logic. A common token format enables a multi-vendor standard to network and secure composite applications at scale.
    • Expand Your Hybrid Cloud Options by Combining VMware with AWS Services
      If you watch this session, you agree that VMware will provide your contact information to Amazon Web Services so Amazon Web Services can share the latest news and offers with you by email, post or telephone. You may unsubscribe from receiving news and offers at any time by following the instructions in the communications received. Amazon Web Services handles your information as described in the AWS Privacy Notice.
      Organizations experience great improvements in customer experience and beneficial business outcomes when they combine their VMware-based workloads with AWS’ innovative and native cloud services by running VMware Cloud on AWS. This session provides insight into commonplace use cases and how these are made possible.
    • Introduction to vSphere Performance
      VMware vSphere ensures workloads run with maximum performance on your ESXi hosts and clusters. This lab showcases what is new in vSphere 7.0 with regards to performance. Learn how to right-size VMs for your particular environment, so resources are not under or overprovisioned. Learn how to benchmark various application workloads (i.e. web servers and databases), and how to measure and monitor system resources (CPU, memory, networking, and storage) using a variety of common utilization measurement tools. Also get a preview of VMware Odyssey by Hands-on Labs to practice for the VMworld 2021 Tournament!

    Thurs, October 7

    • An Easy Way of Monitoring and Troubleshooting Multi-Cloud Applications
      You have planned out the deployment of your multi-cloud application. Now is the time to find out how you will monitor and troubleshoot this application. There are plenty of off-the-shelf dashboarding/data analysis tools, but do you have all the required data points? Does your application delivery platform provide the needed data at scale without needing to export logs or generate Wireshark traces, and breaking the bank? If your application is unique, you might have to chase a platform vendor to solve your unique use case. But with VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer, you can pretty much do all of this yourself by defining your own metrics and trace filters. In this session, we will demonstrate how you can take control of your application monitoring and troubleshooting, regardless of cloud and application type.

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