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    What’s New in Login PI 3.6?

    Public API, Enhanced support for Published applications, RDS Broker/Gateway and SQL Databases!

    Last month we released a new version of Login PI 3 (3.6), bringing more features and functions to the product. The biggest additions are a RESTful Public Web API, improved support for Citrix Virtual Apps (Published Applications), a connector for a RDS Broker and Gateway and the ability to now connect the virtual appliance to a Microsoft SQL Server database.

    Of course, there is a lot more than that in this release and you can always refer to the release notes for a comprehensive list of all the additions and changes to the product. Check out our user guide documentation for detailed information about how to use these new functions.

    The Public API

    In our many conversations with customers, we find that they are looking for new ways to represent the Login PI data in either their network operations consoles (NOCs) or in a customized way that is more contextual to their operational focus. Essentially our Web API allows our customers to get any data quickly and easily from the virtual appliance.

    By making our web API public, we are making it possible for our customers to develop calls in to the virtual appliance without them having to worry about the location of that information changing. We do this by versioning our API, so if you write a script that uses version 1 (v1) of the API and we make changes, then that script will continue to work until such a time that you choose to use v2 of that updated call. We’ve also documented our API. By selecting “External Notifications” from the Login PI homepage, you can access your API secret and get to the documentation which helps you to know how the API is used to get the information you need.1



    Published Application Enhancements

    Citrix published applications has always been a popular use case with Login PI. We’ve added the ability to use application resources when using the NetScaler or Storefront connectors. This makes it easier and quicker and more resilient to add testing for published applications. You’ll find more information about using the connectors for published applications on our documentation pages.



    Support for RDS Broker / Gateway

    More of our customers are using RDS connectors and were looking for the ability to login to the RDS Broker or Gateway. We’ve added this support into our connector wizard for Microsoft RDS… so just answer a few questions and you are off and running.



    Support for SQL Server

    The Login PI 3 virtual appliance is high powered and scalable. Its native database is quite capable, however we do have some customers that wish to use SQL Server as their repository for Login PI data. With version 3.6 release we now support connections to SQL Server. Be aware however that you will be starting from scratch with your Login PI data, so best to start with this as your backend database than try to do it later. See our documentation for more information about the requirements and best practices.

    As I’ve said before, there are a ton more features and functions in this release so I dare you to look at the release notes when you get a chance. You’ll find resiliency, ease of use, security, and many UI improvements.



    About the author
    Blair Parkhill

    Blair Parkhill (@SANspyder) joined Login VSI in the summer of 2015 as the director of products. Blair has been a marketing leader, avid architect and supporter of customer-focused technology solutions and technical marketing since the late 1990s. Residing in tiny homes located in the mountains of Colorado and jungles of Costa Rica, he tries to spend as much time as he can traveling, playing music, exploring the jungle, walking on beaches, and hiking in the mountains – when he’s not playing with the product, geeking out with the latest tech, presenting, testing or blogging.

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