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    Windows Virtual Desktop – 1 Year in Is It Fit for Your Business?

    As we approach the anniversary of the general release of Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop (September 30th), we see that Microsoft is halfway through ‘latency improvements’ in 7 countries.

    As business leaders with a digital experience cloud strategy, how could this impact your business?

    Before we answer the question, let us quickly recap the main business drivers to move to Windows Virtual Desktop:

    Business Agility

    • The elasticity of available infrastructure, quickly scale up or down in response to market demands or cost pressures without negotiating, paying, and waiting for delivery of new hardware to support your fluctuating business demands.

    Global Access from any own device

    • Flexibility to expand into new markets from a global platform. Whether you are looking to acquire similar companies in new markets or establish a new office in a new continent, WVD can be a quick win for collaboration across your organization from anywhere, on any device.


    • Pay as you go, with higher efficiency and utilization of resources. Reduce your IT cost and improve your shareholder value.


    • Imagine your data is gold bars; it would be much safer to store that gold in a bank vault than digging a hole in your back garden. With WVD, Microsoft has spent a lot of money making the remote desktop data storage secure, protecting your brand, data, and customers.

    So, back to the original question…

    What could WVD latency issues mean for your business?

    • What are the implications for your business-critical applications?
    • Would your end users report the ‘slow’ system response?
    • Would your frustrated employees look for a new job?
    • Would your valued customers put up with long wait times to answer their questions?
    • What could you do to prevent brand damage?

    Here at Login VSI, we understand the potential impact a WVD lousy system performance could have on your business. The WVD Starter Kit adds value by giving you the ability to test and report on performance from the end-user’s point of view, giving the ultimate performance metric.

    Many have been using Login Enterprise in Azure to test the environment’s scalability and performance, delivering simplified management, Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session, optimizations for Office 365 ProPlus, and support for Remote Desktop Services (RDS) environments. Get in touch.

    About the author
    Lorna Crawford

    Lorna Crawford (@LittlehappyL) is a presales engineer. You will find her answering technical questions, doing software demonstrations and helping our prospects get value from Login Enterprise. Lorna is responsible for the UK and Ireland territory, but also supporting our European sales team. In her spare time, Lorna tours her home country, Scotland in her campervan with her two dogs.

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