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    Windows Virtual Desktop – How to Monitor User Experience?

    Microsoft has just announced the public preview of their new Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) offering at Microsoft Ignite on Tour in Amsterdam today.

    For those of you who’ve not followed the rumors or the private beta, here’s the outline…

    “Windows Virtual Desktop is the only cloud-based service that delivers a multi-user Windows 10 experience, optimized for Office 365 ProPlus, and includes free Windows 7 Extended Security Updates. With Windows Virtual Desktop, you can deploy and scale Windows and Office on Azure in minutes, with built-in security and compliance.” More information: What is Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)

    Microsoft to host broker infrastructure

    In this case Microsoft will take care of hosting the broker infrastructure as a service and allows you to connect to virtual machines running in your own azure tenant. These can be Windows 7, Windows 10, or Server 2016/2019 machines. The cool thing about the Windows 10 virtual machines is that they are available as Multi-User, in theory giving you better scalability and application compatibility.

    Other vendors such as Citrix, will offer services on top of Windows Virtual Desktop adding their own special sauce in areas where they perform well e.g. management or remoting protocol. Yesterday I had the pleasure to attend a WVD reception in Amsterdam where its clear that Citrix and Microsoft are playing together nicely on this.

    Windows Virtual Desktop - Login VSI - Blog - Citrix Tweet

    #VDILikeAPro Survey Results

    End User Computing research platform VDI Like a Pro surveyed 236 people about running workloads in the public cloud, while the majority is firmly set on “No” we do see that admins are warming up to the idea.

    Windows Virtual Desktop - Login VSI - Blog - VDILikeAPro Survey Results: Run DaaS VDI Workloads Public Cloud

    How does your cloud desktop perform?

    If we drill down into these numbers we do see that a big consideration is performance, especially in a hybrid scenario where not all of your data and applications are in the same datacenter, this can quickly become a bottleneck. Especially when you have sites with limited bandwidth.

    Windows Virtual Desktop - Login VSI - Blog - VDILikeAPro Survey Results: DaaS VDI Cloud Environment Performance

    In the chart above all respondents that have desktops in the cloud have been removed, its clear to see that only 30% of the respondents agree with “My desktops always perform”, most respondents however don’t think they respond all the time or simply don’t know.

    How to measure desktop performance in the cloud

    So how does one measure performance of desktops in the cloud? Traditionally you’d look at metrics like CPU, Memory and IOPS, however in the cloud these are not always available or giving you the full picture.

    Wouldn’t you like to see how long a user logon would take plotted 24/7 even when there are no real users?

    Wouldn’t you like to monitor a synthetic user that you know uses all the mission critical applications in the same way continuously and alerts you when things go wrong?

    Or how your next upgrade will impact performance?

    Look no further!

    Login PI helps improve your Windows performance

    Over the last year Login VSI has been performing tests on Windows 10 multi-user and Windows Virtual Desktop using two scenarios:

    1. How many users fit on my Windows 10 multi user machine (Scalability)?
    2. How is performance over time?

    Below is an example on the output of those tests:

    Windows Virtual Desktop - Login VSI - Blog - Login PI: Monitoring Synthetic Virtual Users

    As you can see response times are consistent for my applications, even when I use deep-application testing in my line of business applications, however the users in the Amsterdam office are experiencing a lot of latency. Are you going to run Windows Virtual Desktop or are you trying to figure out instance sizes?

    Our synthetic user, Login PI, can help. Feel free to reach out today.




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