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    Login VSI is discontinuing the product Login VSI 4.x on September 30, 2022. Login VSI will not offer the last-time buy opportunity and will no longer offer subscription, maintenance, and support contracts for the Login VSI products. Existing maintenance and support contracts will be honored through the current contract period.

    Login VSI customers are encouraged to evaluate the replacement solution, Login Enterprise Platform, which provides additional capabilities for End User Computing environments.

    The Login Enterprise Platform has been in customer’s environments for over three years, offering improved benchmarking standards and a broader set of features. Migrating to the Login Enterprise Platform helps teams implement more efficient testing processes.

    A comparison matrix details the feature differences between both solutions and the additional features provided in the Login Enterprise Platform.

    Migration from the old Login VSI 4.0 to Login Enterprise is easy. Login VSI can offer help through Professional Services and our dedicated partner teams.

    For additional information and assistance in planning an upgrade to Login Enterprise, please get in touch with Login VSI Support or your Customer Success/Sales representative.