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For Login VSI Technology Alliances only

To see is to believe. Take away the worries and objections of your customers about new technologies and solutions you introduce with objective performance testing and measurement. Use the testing product Login VSI in your Proof of Concepts (PoC) or Assessment to demonstrate the performance of your products in any centralized desktop environment.

Use Login VSI to prove your hardware- or software point or to right size the environment. Now you scale the hardware needed based on facts instead of guesswork. Use Login VSI to do pre-production stress tests to avoid the risk of unexpected performance issues with a new or existing centralized desktop environment.

Request your Login VSI PoC / Consulting Services license here:

Please enter your own email address and complete the contact information of the customer where you plan to perform the assessment. The Login VSI PoC / Consulting Services license will be sent to your email address, after approval (see below).

After you apply we will work together, you and Login VSI, to explore the possibilities of providing a license for this specific engagement, serving each other’s objectives as well as the opportunity. Our goal is to ultimately sell a license into the enterprise customer, by helping you in the short run. If we co-operate well, this becomes a successful and endless co-operation.

Rules of Engagement

  • License as provided is a 500 users Login VSI Professional, latest version, with a duration of one month. If you need more users, or a longer period of time, it requires more licenses to get to this point (easy calculation). The number of licenses needed will be equal to the number of licenses taken from your agreed-upon free-of-charge vendor basket;
  • Approval of the license is subject to:
    • Completeness of information received with the application;
    • Availability of licenses in your vendor basket;
    • Vendor license is still operational, valid and under maintenance & support;
    • Whether Login VSI is already in touch with the end-user trying to sell a license. If that is the case we will put you in touch with the appropriate sales executive at Login VSI but will not provide a PoC / Consulting Services license;
  • Login VSI is committed to work with the vendor on such possible opportunity and will align its activities with the vendor’s contacts, not to disturb any process with regard to the particular end-user organization;
  • If Login VSI is able to sell to the end-user account, initiated by this opportunity, within 6 months after activation of the PoC / Consulting Services license, equal or bigger size, subscription based, we’ll bring back the used license into the vendor’s basket, for re-use purposes. If things work out well, your basket remains full;
  • Once your vendor’s basket is empty, we cannot provide free-of-charge licenses anymore unless your company decides to purchase additional licenses;
  • POC / Consulting Services license will be valid only for the end-user enterprise organization as listed in the request. The license will be handed over to you as a vendor and you are responsible for the license as well as the operator of the license, for your tests, related to benchmarking. The license cannot just be handed-over to the customer for them to use the license for their own, full benefit (sizing & scaling purposes). Operator’s License Agreement will be provided to complete and sign;
  • No professional services provided or included in the license offer. If needed we can possibly offer the services for a reduced $1,500 / day, excl. travel & accommodation (if on-site). Subject to availability. Day-parts possible in case of on-line services;