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    Login VSI Product Overview

    The best VDI performance and availability with Login VSI

    Login VSI offers enterprises and vendors a complete software solution to build and safeguard the optimal performance, scalability and availability of virtual desktop environments, based on our industry standard virtual (synthetic) user technology.

    Login VSI Enterprise Edition

    For all organizations using centralized virtual desktop environments to provide applications to their end-users, we offer the Login VSI Enterprise Edition, the complete solution to protect VDI performance and availability.

    Login VSI’s Enterprise Edition offers a unique combination of synthetic load-testing and pro-active monitoring capabilities, allowing enterprises to design, build and maintain VDI environments (both infrastructure and applications) that can provide, and safeguard, an optimal End-User Experience.

    The Login VSI load-testing solution generates a large number of synthetic users to test and protect the performance and scalability of your new and existing VDI, SBC and DaaS deployments. The Login PI active monitoring solution uses a single synthetic user running 24/7/365, to monitor and safeguard the optimal performance and availability of (all the applications in) your virtual desktop infrastructure.

    The Login VSI Enterprise Edition is the complete solution to optimize and protect the performance of business critical applications running in SBC and VDI infrastructures such as VMware Horizon View, Citrix XenDesktop, Citrix XenApp, and Microsoft Remote Services (RDS), previously Terminal Services.

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    Login VSI Vendor Edition

    For vendors that build and market hardware or software solutions that are a part of VDI, SBC or DaaS infrastructures we offer the Login VSI Vendor Edition.

    Login VSI’s Vendor Edition (previously known as Login VSI 4.1) is the de-facto IT-industry standard in VDI performance load-testing and benchmarking. All IT industry vendors (hardware and software) that are serious about providing their customers with a well-performing virtual desktop infrastructure, rely on Login VSI technology. The results of their research and development efforts are documented in many technical publications.

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