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Login VSI is the undisputed industry standard for VDI performance testing and benchmarking. For IT- vendors that want to position themselves more firmly in the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure space we offer the opportunity to showcase their publications on our website, and in our newsletter (50.000+ relevant readers). This service is available for vendors of hardware like servers, storage, appliances, network components, processors, and vendors of virtual desktop and other (e.g. security) software. We also offer two formal vendor programs: ‘Tested with Login VSI’ and ‘Validated by Login VSI’.

1. Your paper on our website and in our newsletter

If you already have a finalized white paper, reference architecture or validated design, where Login VSI was used to demonstrate the performance and scalability of your solution in combination with Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop, VMware Horizon View or Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) we are always interested to see if we can use it as our marketing material. To qualify we love to see a solid explanation of our tool, a reference to Login VSI as the ‘industry standard performance testing tool for VDI’, a decent number of references to Login VSI, the clear use of VSImax, VSIbase and our workloads, and a number of graphs from our analyzer. To apply for this, please send your publication to marketing@loginvsi.com.

2. The ‘Tested with Login VSI’ co-marketing program

This program is managed by our marketing department. To receive this logo the use of Login VSI for load generation is required, as is the use of the Login VSI analyzer with VSImax and VSIbase for density and user experience indexes. To qualify we love to see a decent number of references to Login VSI, a solid explanation of our tool, at least one reference to Login VSI as the ‘industry standard performance testing tool for VDI’, a number of graphs from our analyzer, as well as the clear use of VSImax, VSIbase and our industry standard workloads in the test-results.

The white paper will also be read (not certified) by our technical staff, just to make sure there are no obvious testing or reporting mistakes. We will not review raw data or execute other test-validations. This quick review does not give you our approval on the content, but we will point out obvious weak spots (to help, not to criticize). Remember all this is done from a marketing perspective, not a technical perspective. We just like to see our logo on clean tests.

The process to get the ‘Tested with Login VSI’ logo on your white paper is to send a copy of the pre-final white paper to marketing@loginvsi.com so we can check (and help with) the Login VSI related parts.

The ‘Tested with Login VSI’ logo gives you guaranteed placement on our website and in our newsletter. When the above mentioned qualifications are met, the use of the ‘Tested with Login VSI’ logo is free of charge.

3. The ‘Validated by Login VSI’ certification program

This formal status is awarded by our technical department. In this program our technical staff will review the raw data and execute other test-validations. They also read the report to make sure the paper does not contain obvious reporting mistakes. This effort will be charged at our regular consulting rates. The time needed for this validation is dependent on the size and complexity of the tests executed and the resulting report. In addition our marketing staff will review the report as described in the ‘Tested with’ program. When the resulting report is ok, you will receive a formal signed ‘Validated by Login VSI’ certificate, including the right to use the ‘Validated by’ logo on your paper.

The ‘Validated by Login VSI’ program includes extended marketing support. You will get guaranteed placement on our website in the top section, and a guaranteed top location in our newsletter. When the ‘Validated by Login VSI’ papers are used in webinars to your own prospect databases, we offer to participate with a Login VSI introduction.

The tests and reports in this program must fully adhere to our Login VSI testing and reporting guidelines as described in the document: Login VSI Benchmarking Standards and Guidelines 2018. For a detailed description of the program components, and an example of the certification statement, see the document: ‘Validated by Login VSI’ Certification Program 2018. For information, please email marketing@loginvsi.com or contact your Login VSI sales representative.

For IT-vendors, test labs, and organisations with the intention to execute a larger number of tests, Login VSI offer a special solution called Test Lab Automation. This combination of expert services and special software, can reduce total testing time with up to 95%, by reducing most of the repetitive manual labour between tests.


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