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    Maximize your Azure/Windows Virtual Desktop Experience

    Are you already utilizing Azure/WVD or considering it for implementation?

    Login VSI is offering a free Azure/WVD Test Kit that supports you with the implementation and gets you started with improving your Azure/WVD experience. It gives you the ability to test and report on performance from the end-user’s point of view – delivering the ultimate metric in performance.

    In this webinar, we teamed up with Stefan Dingemanse, Sr. Platform Engineer at Veerman ICT and co-founder of Azure/WVD Community. Stefan had the chance to try out the Test Kit before its official release and shared his opinion on how to set it up, run tests and get the most out of your Azure/WVD implementation.

    Key takeaways from this webinar:

    • What is the Azure/WVD Test Kit? What does it include?
    • How to get started: set up, start testing, how to improve your Azure/WVD experience
    • What’s the long-term value for your organization?
    • How it helps you gain insights into the performance of applications within your Azure/WVD environment
    • How to ensure a successful cloud strategy when moving your desktops and applications to Azure/WVD

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