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    Test and Compare Different Virtual Desktop Solutions with Login VSI

    Make the right decisions on VDI software and hardware

    VDI or SBC? Citrix XenDesktop or VMware Horizon? different server options, and different storage options. The virtualization market offers many infrastructure choices and develops rapidly. How do you objectively determine which options offer the best performance and scalability in your specific Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or Server Based Computing environment?

    Login VSI is an easy to use, and cost effective benchmarking solution that helps you make the right decisions. Login VSI enables you to test and compare the performance of different software and hardware solutions in your own unique environment by simulating user workloads. The turn-key workloads make comparisons easy and objective.

    Login VSI is vendor agnostic and works with every Windows-based virtualized desktop solution such as Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, VMware Horizon and Microsoft RDS.

    login vsi virtual users

    Login VSI deploys virtual users with realistic workloads so you can objectively compare the performance of different options.

    With Login VSI you can:

    • Select the best working and most cost-effective desktop virtualization products
    • Make your VDI and SBC choices based on objective tests
    • Compare old and new centralized desktop environments

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