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    Right Size Your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with Login VSI

    Know exactly how much hardware is required for VDI

    Performance and scalability is the number 1 challenge in any Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or Server Based Computing deployment. Sizing your environment with Login VSI helps you to prevent problems at usage peaks, protects your future business continuity, allows you to grow if needed, and most importantly ensures end-user satisfaction.

    Guarantee a successful VDI deployment with Login VSI. Plan the capacity of your VDI environment quick and easy. The simulated user workloads use the same applications as a typical employee such as Word, Outlook or Internet Explorer and are available in a light, medium, heavy, multimedia or customized version.

    login vsi virtual users

    Login VSI deploys virtual users with realistic workloads so you can determine your hardware capacity upfront.

    With Login VSI you can:

    • Test how much hardware is needed upfront (and avoid performance complaints by users)
    • Determine how much hardware is sufficient (and save on hardware, space and energy)
    • Make a budget based on facts (and avoid financial disappointments later)

    Start VDI right sizing today:

    See Login VSI in action and find out how you can guarantee a successful VDI deployment:

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