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    Test and Validate the Impact of Any Change in Your VDI Environment

    Avoid VDI performance problems by testing every change

    Patches, updates, upgrades and service packs… Virtual Desktop Infrastructures have to deal with changes on a regular basis. But these modifications can have a huge impact on the performance of the infrastructure. How do you test and predict the effect of these changes before really implementing them in production?

    With Login VSI, you will no longer be surprised by unexpected performance issues. By simulating unique user workloads, Login VSI is able to test and predict the impact of any change in software and hardware, on the performance of your VDI or Server Based Computing environment.

    login vsi virtual users

    Login VSI deploys virtual users with realistic workloads so you can quickly test the performance impact of any change.

    With Login VSI you can:

    • Test the impact of all hardware and software changes before implementation
    • Measure potential virtual desktop improvements upfront
    • Safeguard the ‘health’ of your VDI or Server Based Computing environment

    Start testing VDI changes today:

    See Login VSI in action and find out how you can avoid VDI performance problems:

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