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    Test the Maximum Capacity of Your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

    Load test your VDI environment by simulating virtual users

    How many users can the current data center support while keeping acceptable VDI performance? Can we handle 100 more end-users? Can we handle peak loads? How about login storms? What is the impact of these usage peaks on the individual user experience? Start using Login VSI, the industry-standard load testing solution for VDI, to answer these questions in your own unique environment.

    Login VSI is designed to measure the maximum capacity of your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or Server Based Computing environment in a quick and easy way by simulating unique user workloads. The simulated users work with the same applications as your average employee such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and Internet Explorer. And if you want, you can easily add your own custom applications to the tests.

    login vsi virtual users

    Login VSI deploys virtual users with realistic workloads so you can quickly test the maximumum user capacity.

    With Login VSI you can:

    • Test your VDI or SBC environments maximum user load
    • Measure the performance of virtual desktops objectively
    • Stress-test a new virtualized desktop environment beforehand

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    See Login VSI in action and find out how you can test the maximum capacity:

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