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How To Get Ultimate Windows Performance in ANY VDI Environment

Improve your Windows VDI environments by up to 3000%

Our blog articles have been helping leading organizations all over the world improve the performance of their windows-based VDI environments. Now you can join them. So don't miss out: read these carefully selected blog posts and learn how to improve ANY Windows-based VDI environment.



Login VSI - Top 5 Windows Blogs - Improve Performance by 3000%1. Improve Windows 10 performance by 3000% with THESE simple tricks

Whilst performing our regular performance tests, we found a way to improve your Windows 10 performance by 3000% with only a few simple tricks. Over 5,000 people have learned these tricks - and now you can, too!

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Login VSI - Top 5 Windows Blogs - Ultimate Tuning Template for ANY VDI Environment2. The Ultimate Windows 10 Tuning Template for any VDI Environment

VMware’s OS Optimization Tool makes it very easy to configure and optimize your VDI Image. BUT there are even more tuning best practices for Windows 10. So we created our own template for VMware OS Optimization Tool, available now as a FREE download.

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Login VSI - Top 5 Windows Blogs - Tips & Tricks for Fixing Default File Type3. Tips+Tricks: Fixing default file type associations in Windows 10

Download our ultimate tuning template and become a TRUE MASTER at Windows tuning. The information held in this article is especially relevant to those running stateless desktops, or those experiencing issues with the .XML import method failing.

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Login VSI - Top 5 Windows Blogs - Top 5 Performance Tuning Tips for Windows 10 in VDI4. Top 5 Performance Tuning Tips for Windows 10 in VDI

Our customers are always asking us for performance tips and tricks to get the best configuration. So we put together these must-have tips and tricks to increase the maximum capacity of Windows 10 in any VDI environment.

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Login VSI - Top 5 Windows Blogs - How to improve your Windows Server 2016 performance5. How to improve your Windows Server 2016 performance

Every engineering expert needs to tune their Windows Server 2016 in order to get a better VDI performance. We explain how in this VMware-approved Tuning Template.

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The company Login VSI provides end-user performance insights for virtualized desktop and server based computing environments. Enterprise IT departments use flagship product Login VSI (for load testing) and new addition Login PI (for continuity testing) in all phases of their virtual desktop deployment—from planning to deployment to change management—to build and safeguard a good performance, a high availability, and (as a result) a good and consistent end-user experience. For more information about Login VSI or for a free test license contact us.

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