Login Enterprise 5.4 Now Available — experience the power of operational insights that better equip you to track, trend, and manage cost and capacity.

Capacity Planning

Capacity Planning

Gauge your capacity runway with consistent benchmarks and dashboards. You will always know whether your existing environments can meet business needs.

Saved by optimizing IT investments

Improvement in the number of supported users

Faster technology migrations

Confidence before change

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Leverage reliable benchmarks that blend capacity and user experience to get up and running faster with Login Enterprise.

  • Leverage data-driven benchmarks for understanding capacity (VSImax2) and user experience (EUX Score).
  • Quickly determine the suitable trade-off between density and performance.
  • Run A/B scenarios to fine-tune configuration variables and settings.

Compare Vendor Offerings Side By Side, Now and in the Future

Login Enterprise helps you calibrate your service chain through rapid capacity comparisons against established baselines – helping you optimize user density from planning to retirement.

  • Compare options side-by-side and zero in on the best candidates.
  • Quickly determine the right trade-off between density and performance.
  • Establish metrics to evaluate “up and coming” technologies for viability.

Maintain Consistent Capacity Over Time

Confidently add more users to a current environment while maintaining consistent performance. Detect when upgrades are needed and determine if existing environments will support newer operating systems, runtimes, or business-critical application upgrades. 

  • Confidently add more users while maintaining performance 
  • Detect when upgrades might be needed to maintain/optimize existing environments 
  • Evaluate whether existing environments will support newer operating systems, runtimes, or application upgrades 
“Login Enterprise identified a capacity loss that could have caused us a major headache. If we weren’t proactive before migrating, the business implications would have been quite substantial. We have a dependency on our Citrix environment and our published Windows desktops and would have seen issues across the dependent 7,000 users a day.”
IT Engineer
Public Transportation Company

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