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VDI and DaaS Cost Tracking

VDI and DaaS Cost Tracking

Login Enterprise provides deep insights into the cost of your VDI and DaaS environment so you can make smarter financial decisions without compromising end-user experience.

reduction in annual cloud costs

saved by optimizing existing IT investments

less time validating potential instances

guesswork with actionable data

Avoid surprises as you move to the cloud

In the cloud there is unlimited flexibility, unlimited choices, and uncapped costs. Login Enterprise enables you to strike the right balance and create reliable, cost-efficient virtual environments.

  • Compare instance sizes and zero in on the best candidate.
  • Determine the suitable trade-off between price and performance.
  • Gain insights for cloud right-sizing and optimization.

Identify and optimize cost per user

Keep cost control a top priority and use Login Enterprise to illustrate the impact to your business’ bottom line.

  • Analyze and assign costs between compute, network, storage, application, and security layers.
  • Compare optimization strategies to bring down the cost per component.
  • Understand the cost impact when changing any component in the stack.

Spot potential cost savings

Maintaining acceptable performance and cost of DaaS virtual environments requires proactive planning and ongoing measurement.

  • Evaluate usage and infrastructure to identify cost savings. 
  • Compare potential changes, such as moving to thin clients or a hyper-converged infrastructure, to lower overall costs.
  • Understand the impact of potential virtualization changes (application vs. VDI vs. DaaS) on budget.
“We were given the directive to move workloads to the cloud while at the same time keeping costs as low as we can. The team performed capacity planning using Login Enterprise with multiple Amazon EC2 instance types to determine the best fit for our Citrix workloads. Based on our environment, the increased density and slightly lower hourly run costs equate to savings of over 40% for one month in AWS.”
IT Engineer
Fortune 100 US healthcare company

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