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    Vendor Edition

    Login VSI is for vendors delivering hardware or software solutions that are a part of VDI, SBC, or DaaS. Industry-leading organizations use it for over ten years on a massive scale. All VDI vendors use the software for publishing hundreds of reference architectures, making Login VSI the de facto standard benchmark for VDI testing.

    Login VSI is 100% vendor-independent and works with VMware Horizon, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS). Users and providers of DaaS and SaaS cloud-solutions such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and many others benefit from the solution.


    Validate and manage the performance of centralized environments

    Login VSI makes it easy to test, compare and validate the performance of software and hardware configurations in your virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Login VSI ensures your production environment will deliver optimized end-user experiences and productivity.

    Login VSI’s virtual user technology simulates real-world users performing real-world tasks while measuring the time required for each interaction. Login VSI utilizes this data for its VSImax calculation to report when the maximum user capacity is reached.

    Login VSI improves VDI performance and business productivity by:

    • Predicting the performance impact of updates and upgrades
    • Calculating the maximum user capacity of your current infrastructure
    • Testing software, hardware, and security upgrades and patches before launch

    Login VSI for Vendors - Successfully validate and manage the performance of centralized environments


    Login VSI for Vendors - feature highlights

    Login VSI feature highlights

    • Standard “out-of-the-box” or customized application template workloads
    • A common language (VSImax) for comparing performance test results
    • Vendor agnostic, supporting any Windows-based virtualized desktop solution
    • Easy to install and use, providing instant time to value
    • Supports every Windows OS or Microsoft Office version

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