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Login VSI - Products - Lab and Image Management

Login VSI automates the deployment and maintenance of desktop virtualization platforms as well as the creation and maintenance of the desktop images associated with them. Engineers can capture every configuration detail, like software packages and configuration settings, in simple repeatable tasks that can be deployed to test, acceptance and production environments.

  • Provide a consistent, high-quality user experience
  • Increase end-user productivity
  • Deploy changes faster

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High-quality user experience

The deployment and maintenance of virtual desktop environments and its images requires strong attention to detail. Engineers need to deploy hundreds of applications and many configuration settings to provide users with a consistent and fully functional digital workplace.

Image-based deployment systems provide an easy way to deploy digital workplaces but they do not provide the means to build and maintain the required systems and desktop images. As a result, engineers need to create and maintain them manually. This is a laborious and error-prone process.

Login VSI automates the deployment and maintenance of virtual desktop environments as well as the creation and maintenance of desktop images down to the smallest details. This infrastructure-as-code approach allows engineers to routinely deploy environments and update desktop images without overlooking important details.

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Login VSI - Products - Lab and Image Management - High-quality user experience


Login VSI - Products - Lab and Image Management - Increase end-user productivity

Increase end-user productivity

End-user productivity is at risk with every single change that is pushed to production systems. Increasing end-user productivity starts by preventing breaking changes and the ability to restore normal operations after a failure.

Login VSI provides the only solution that fully supports the DTAP (Development, Test, Acceptance and Production) concept for virtual desktop environments. It builds production-like environments that are similar to the actual production environment to quickly and reliably test the impact of changes before pushing them to the production environment.

Consistency in virtual desktops significantly decreases the risk of breaking changes and reduces the time it takes to troubleshoot, and repair issues caused by faulty changes. This high level of constancy that Login VSI provides allows engineers to reduce the meantime to recovery (MTTR).

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Deploy changes faster

With the high volume and high rate of change, IT organizations need to be able to handle a stream of changes quickly and efficiently. Removing unnecessary complexity and organizational delays are crucial to keep up. However, most existing processes and tools are slow and complex making even the smallest change difficult significant effort to deploy.

Login VSI allows desktop virtualization engineers to fully manage their environments without any dependencies towards other technology silos within the organization. Furthermore, to keep things as simple as possible it does not require configuration items, updates or applications to be packaged before deployment. This greatly increases flexibility and speed of delivery.

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Login VSI - Products - Lab and Image Management - Deploy Changes Faster


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