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    Full coverage of the digital workspace

    Application and infrastructure performance is inherently intertwined, so evaluating performance holistically is the only way to truly assess user experience. Because Login Enterprise workflows simulate real business processes and user activity run against the entire system, we can uncover issues that are often missed by tools that only evaluate a single application or underlying infrastructure.

    Full coverage of the digital workspace

    End-to-end observability

    Subtle changes in pre-production and post-production can create unpredictable results, so they require a solution that observes and compares both for higher reliability. Define your workflows once and leverage a consistent set of tests in both environments. Now you have an objective way to identify things that are likely to happen before they happen. Together, you have the right feedback loop to continuously improve your approach to managing end-user computing changes.

    End-to-end observability

    Automated Change Processes

    Adapting to constant change requires increasing efficiency through automation. Automation will dramatically expand capacity and eliminate the need for unpredictable and labor-intensive manual testing. Production issues, and their associated costs, will be greatly reduced and ensure the EUC team has complete control of implementing planned changes.

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    Automated Change Processes

    What Our Customers are Saying

    “Login VSI has given us the tools to not only show the performance improvement of our IT investments but to ensure we keep that performance as we scale to meet new business needs!”

    “With each candidate change cycling through a process via automation, a set of candidate changes quickly mounts up such that within a few days, we’re ready to freeze the list and run a set of integration changes.”

    “Login VSI trapped issues when none of our monitoring systems did, nor really, could they have. Login Enterprise has really changed how we think about testing in End-User computing.”


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