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Easily deploy and manage VDI environments with Login AM Blueprints

The increasing number of updates, changes and new technologies combined with an ever higher level of business-user expectation, creates a great deal of difficulty with regard to server and workspace management.

Large corporations manage hundreds of servers, which may facilitate 100.000+ workspaces. Those server environments often have a large number of commonalities or shared configurations and are differentiated by only a few distinct unique characteristics. Yet, while there are many options to manage single server instances in full, there are few options that leverage this fact to efficiently deploy and maintain diverse IT environments.

Most traditional IT automation and deployment tools do not have an inherent way of consistently managing a large volume of servers and workspaces - without having to resort to a great deal of customization - which is so desperately needed by so many IT organizations.

This white paper covers why we believe Login AM is uniquely suited to this type of solutions, and provides examples of how it works and details of how customers are using it to address their specific multi-server, multi-locale IT operational and technical change management.

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