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AVD Planning and Migration

AVD Planning and Migration

Confidently Move to Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)

As a sought-after DaaS solution, Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop is a popular choice due to its secure, reliable desktop virtualization environment with robust security features. But, migrating to AVD seamlessly and cost-effectively can be tricky. 

Shifting from a traditional on-premises or hybrid infrastructure poses performance and cost concerns for most organizations. Login Enterprise empowers IT teams with 360° visibility into their AVD environment and enables them to understand the full scope of the migration pre-deployment before impacting end-users or spending budget.

Manage AVD Migration Costs

Maintaining predictable operating expenses is a top priority. Utilize Login Enterprise’s virtual users to replicate the actions of your actual users, compare their behavior to your current on-premises deployment, and evaluate the cost impact of these changes in an Azure or AVD environment. 

  • Balance user experience and costs by avoiding wasted spending.
  • Determine the right blend of on-demand and always-on virtual machines.
  • Choose the optimal storage for the virtual machine, user data, user profile, and application layers.

Proactively Monitor Anytime, From Anywhere

Migration can be complex, so proactive monitoring is critical to transition to a cloud desktop like AVD seamlessly. 

Continuously monitoring the performance and availability of the AVD environment to spot performance degradation or capacity constraints before end-users are impacted.

  • Easily track performance and availability across your environments, sites, and remote workers.
  • Use granular visibility from the first login to application actions to baseline and validate application performance reflective of end-user behaviors.
  • Sample key metrics and be alerted to creeping issues long before users ever notice–set thresholds, receive alerts, and document success or failure and error messages.

Extend AVD Now and in the Future

Login Enterprise goes beyond just identifying issues – access predictive analytics to plan for and anticipate future capacity needs. Maximize ROI and longevity with data-driven benchmarks for understanding capacity (VSImax2) and user experience (EUX Score) to make informed decisions about your AVD environments. 

  • Quickly compare new instances and assess potential improvements.
  • Determine the right trade-off between price and performance.
  • Detect when changes might be needed to maintain/optimize existing environments.

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