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SLA reporting

SLA reporting

Improve SLA Reporting with Login Enterprise

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Service Level Objectives (SLOs) are essential tools that establish the expected level of performance for a particular service. In the end-user computing (EUC) world, SLAs and SLOs are closely tied to the end-user experience within a given workspace and set of applications.

A common issue with EUC is that users focus on specific applications’ performance rather than the overall end-user experience. As a result, availability metrics are often reported, which can be misleading and overlook the actual performance of the application or end-user experience.

Login Enterprise supports SLA reporting by enabling EUC leaders to access the metrics they truly care about, measure with granular precision, and automatically report to stakeholders to ensure that everyone knows the actual application performance and end-user experience.

Ensure Quality Delivery

Continuously measure the end-user experience in production and gain insights into performance. Generate rich data set reports tailored to meet varying Service Level Agreements (SLAs). 

Deliver detailed reports to stakeholders on the data most valuable to them.

  • Create custom reports based on different locations, applications, and reporting periods. 
  • Configure to interact with any Windows or web-based applications or “personas”. 
  • Set specific application tests and execute continuously from geographically dispersed endpoints.

Reduce Cost and Limit Risk

SLA contracts are often defined with clear penalties for failure to deliver at the expected performance. 

However, when SLAs measure machine availability instead of user experience, this can create a false assumption regarding service delivery. Get ahead of this issue and ensure your SLA reporting always accurately reflects the service delivered. 

  • Measure and report on SLAs discretely
  • Explicitly report on end-user experience and demonstrate precise adherence to the spirit or the letter of an SLA.
  • Avoid penalties and make a case for bonus points for exceeding expectations.

Unlock Tangible, Actionable Metrics

Login Enterprise includes a full suite of performance metrics to ensure you can hold your outsourced IT vendor accountable.

  • End-user experience metrics – Measure the user experience from pre-production to production.
  • Cost reporting graphs – Report on costs to help business units understand the bottom line. 
  • Compare baselines to actual application performance as well as end-user experience.

Start maximizing your end-user experience and uplevel your SLA reporting.