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    Login VSI - Use Cases - Capacity Planning

    Onboarding new solutions or making changes to the infrastructure requires an objective look into how the performance footprint changes. Validating that new solutions can service their required number of users is critical, otherwise, the business will spend huge sums of money to compensate. This is especially important when considering the sizing of new cloud resources. With Login Enterprise, IT organizations can be sure they are keeping costs down and performance up.

    • Optimizing capacity…and performance
    • Right-sizing the environment
    • Continuity planning



    Optimizing Capacity and Performance

    If all we cared about was capacity, then enterprises could squeeze a lot of users on a server. The more loaded a server and network gets, the slower it becomes. The key is to find the right number of users and the right performance at peak concurrency to be able to deliver a great end-user experience.

    Login Enterprise tracks the desktop and application responsiveness while gradually adding more and more concurrent users to the system. IT admins are presented with information about where the user experience lag becomes too great, offering a great look into perfect efficiency under load.

    Login Enterprise can be used to protect you from the performance impacts of Meltdown and Spectre or Windows 10 updates.

    Login VSI - Use Cases - Capacity Planning - Optimizing Capacity and Performance


    Login VSI - Use Cases - Capacity Planning - Right-Sizing the Environment

    Right-Sizing the Environment

    There is the theoretical max number of users you expect your solution to host and then there is reality. You never know how many concurrent sessions your servers will handle before the user experience declines.

    Login Enterprise customers have seen their solutions offer 30% of what they expected but were able to continue testing to figure out where the bottlenecks were.

    These bottlenecks were adjusted to optimize the system, saving one customer up to $3M. Get the most out of your investment and don’t spend unnecessarily.


    What Happens When There is a Disaster?

    One of your servers fails, causing other servers to pick up the slack and ultimately grinding your solution to a halt because the servers can’t handle that capacity.

    The same thing can happen with datacenter failovers. Login Enterprise enables enterprises to test their IT systems for real-world failover and recovery scenarios at max concurrency, ultimately leading to ease-of-mind and a non-stop production environment.

    Login Enterprise can simulate your real-users with production-like workloads to make sure you have all the capacity you need.

    Login VSI - Use Cases - Capacity Planning - What Happens When There is a Disaster?



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