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    The simplest definition of end-user computing would be “a user utilizing applications on a computer device to do their work.” Unfortunately, computing advancements have created quite a complex landscape of technologies to distribute, manage, secure and publish applications to the end-user’s devices. Each of these technologies stacks on top of each making it an almost insurmountable pile of complexity.

    Traditional monitoring and application test solutions typically focus on individual layers in the technology stack or individual applications. As an EUC professional, you are ultimately responsible for delivering the entire stack with all the applications to the end-user. With Login VSI you can treat it all as a black box and simply test the result of the way the user experiences it.

    • Continuous availability and performance testing
    • Compatibility testing
    • Load testing


    Continuous Availability and Performance Testing

    Application performance and availability determine how productive and happy your employees are. Nothing is more frustrating than a slow or unavailable application when you need to get that crucial report out to management. With our continuous testing capabilities organizations get insights into availability and performance of their systems from any location.

    Our virtual users mimic real users by continuously logging on to your desktop and interacting with one or more applications, just like a real user would. All while reporting its “experience” and sending alerts as soon as performance is degrading, or applications become unavailable.

    Login VSI - Solutions - Initiatives - End User Computing - Continuous Availability and Performance Testing


    Login VSI - Solutions - Initiatives - End User Computing - Compatibility Testing

    Compatibility Testing

    Enterprises provide hundreds if not thousands of applications to their end-users. Each update or change to the technology stack or any of the applications can have a significant impact on usability and user experience. Even a minor issue can lead to thousands of users calling the service desk for help.

    With an increased rate of updates like the new update cadence of windows 10 and the need to quickly patch against zero-day exploits, it is becoming increasingly important to test all applications quickly before pushing changes to production. Our unique compatibility testing capabilities allow IT organizations to quickly smoke-test thousands of applications a day – all without the need for writing test scripts.


    Load Testing

    Virtual desktops are especially sensitive to performance degradation. Potential bottlenecks in each of the individual layers in the complex technology stack can quickly multiply and mount to a huge performance degradation. As virtual desktops use shared components, performance issues can easily cause an avalanche effect and bring down an entire virtual desktop environment.

    The performance risk associated with virtual desktops mirrors traditional performance issues like bad application design, network congestion and misconfiguration of the end-user desktop. Our load testing capabilities allow EUC engineers to cut through the complexity and simply test the result.

    Login VSI - Solutions - Initiatives - End User Computing - Load Testing



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