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    Unplanned Changes

    Even the best testing plan can’t guarantee that some unplanned changes will arrive in your production environment. From automatic updates to XaaS providers who control certain layers of the stack, the nature of todays’ EUC environment means there’s always a risk of an unplanned change. Device failures are even present as unplanned change. While monitoring systems will detect and report on the failure, it is challenging to understand the impact on critical business functions.

    Users provide poor definitions of their problem, such as “my app is slow.” Without contextual information, initiating a debugging process is difficult. Understanding what “normal” means is critical to understanding an app slowdown. When did it slowdown? Is it just that app or all apps? Is it one location or all? Understanding that a single location is 30% slower, but no other site is affected is different than understanding that SAP is 30% slower everywhere, but no other apps are impacted.

    Running continuous sample testing from endpoints scattered throughout the environment can provide this context. Tests can be written to present data on an application level, a business process level, or even a persona level. Understanding the impact of an unplanned change accelerates the debugging process.

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    Maximize the End-User Experience

    Login Enterprise is a testing platform that enables automated testing in pre-production and ongoing continuous testing in production. You can build a test to measure the impact of a planned change in pre-production. You can then extend that same test into production – selecting various endpoints throughout the environment. The user can define the test frequency and identify patterns or unusual events from the data set.

    The data delivered by this continuous testing can be overlayed with traditional monitoring systems to drive root cause analysis. Because the same test was used in pre-production as in production, the failure can be recreated in pre-production – and any possible remediation can be validated via Login Enterprise.

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    Testing Saves Time and Money while Reducing Risk

    Unplanned changes can have catastrophic impacts on applications and business processes. Whether the change has a creeping effect over time, or an instant one caused by an interrupt, understanding scale and context is critical for remediation.

    Executing these tests continuously builds a dataset that can detect even minor deviations in app performance. If an app slows by 7%, it can impact revenue; that might be a material slowdown. Executing tests on a geographical and persona basis allows a clear understanding of whom and where an unplanned change impacts.

    Testing will eliminate a negative impact on your end-user and avoid a potential business standstill because of an application failure or slowdown. It will also ensure compliance with regulations such as ISO27001.




    Tangible, Measurable Results

    Login Enterprise includes a full suite of performance metrics, ensuring your production systems are running 24/7. This guarantees an excellent end-user experience, even when unplanned changes occur.

    • End-user experience metrics – Measure the user experience from pre-production to production
    • Impact graphs – Compare application performance and user experience before and after changes
    • Availability dashboard – Continuous testing, from the 8:00 am logon to regular checks on apps, user experience, and location
    • Trend analysis – A comprehensive review of all trends affecting both production and pre-production, by application, persona and geography

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    Maximize Your End-User Experience

    Start maximizing your end-user experience and make your VDI environments run better and operate smoother.

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