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    Planned Changes

    The volume of updates and changes that you must apply to your workspace environment seems to grow perpetually – hundreds of updates are presented as candidates for production release every week. The methodologies of the past are now irrelevant as pressure grows to get these changes into production faster.

    The risk of an errant update causing a major service affecting issue grows exponentially with the volume of updates, any one of which can trigger an unintended consequence. It is critical to test updates rigorously before releasing and in many cases mandatory because of compliancy regulations, such as ISO 27001 and specific ICT regulations. An automated testing platform that supports the full testing lifecycle is necessary to meet the demands of EUC change testing at its growing level of need.

    Testing your planned changes in pre-production will ensure a positive end-user experience. You will save time and money by avoiding unnecessary fire drills caused by the changes, including Patch Tuesday and in your infrastructure and/or security/configuration policies. Avoid a potential business standstill due to app failure or slowdown and ensures compliance with regulations such as ISO27001.

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    Validate Changes in Pre-Production

    It is critical to test your changes in pre-production. With Login Enterprise, the user develops an application test that can range from a few lines of simple code to complex scenarios, testing various aspects of an application or business process. The test can be used through the entire lifecycle of a change.

    Initially, the change can be evaluated on a single instance endpoint in an isolated fashion, resulting in a rapid determination of the impact of that change only, from both an efficacy (does it work) and performance (does it impact performance) perspective. If it fails at that stage, the requester will receive feedback with a detailed explanation.

    Assuming the individual test is successful, many changes are grouped into planned changes to roll into production. That integrated set can determine if the collective set of changes will impact app efficacy and performance. Finally, once they have moved into production, you can run the test from endpoints distributed around the production environment, verifying app performance has not been impacted.

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    Testing Saves Time and Money, while Reducing Risk

    With the steady increase in changes to be rolled into production, EUC teams run the risk of triggering application outages by failing to test the impact of these planned changes adequately. The results can be lost revenue caused by degraded business processes, decreased customer satisfaction and reputational damage.

    Additionally, discovering and remediating issues in production is vastly more expensive than trapping and resolving them in pre-production, so a shift-left approach to planned changes is critical.

    Automating testing changes will dramatically expand the capacity for testing, eliminating the need for manual testing – which is unpredictable and labor-intensive. The volume of bugs reintroduced into production, and the root cause analysis associated with them, will be significantly reduced. Building a robust testing model will ensure the EUC team has complete control of implementing planned changes.




    Tangible, Measurable Results

    Login Enterprise includes a full suite of performance metrics, ensuring all changes are properly tested from pre-production through to production. This guarantees an excellent end-user experience, even as the velocity of changes accelerates.

    • Measure the end-user experience, from pre-production to production
    • Impact graphs – Compare application performance and user experience before and after changes
    • Availability dashboard – Continuous testing, from the 8:00 am logon to regular checks on apps, user experience, and location
    • Patching completion report – A comprehensive review of all patches that have been completed against those that remain outstanding

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    Ensure Business Continuity with EUC Change Testing.
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