Maximize Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) with Login Enterprise
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    Improve AVD User Experience by Selecting Optimal Instances

    Identifying the balance between cost and performance is critical. Getting it wrong could mean poor user experience, compromised productivity, and deployment failure.

    Login Enterprise helps IT teams easily calibrate their chain of service through rapid capacity comparisons against established baselines – helping them make smarter decisions and optimize the user density of their AVD environment.

    Ensure a seamless AVD deployment by using Login Enterprise to:
    • Leverage data-driven benchmarks for understanding price to performance
    • Compare instance sizes side-by-side and zero in on the best candidate
    • Quickly determine the suitable trade-off between cost and performance

    Improve AVD User Experience by Selecting Optimal Instances

    Control and Optimize AVD Costs

    While cloud-based deployments offer benefits like scalability and flexibility, the downside is that the more cloud services you use, the more you are billed.

    Cloud costs can quickly balloon, but thankfully, Login Enterprise is here to help you optimize your Azure environment and keep cost manageable. We do this by delivering insights to help IT teams understand the right trade-offs between cost and user experience.

    Avoid surprise costs in the cloud by using Login Enterprise to:
    • Select the right blend of on-demand and always-on virtual machines
    • Choose the optimal storage for virtual machine, user data, user profile, and application layers.
    • Adjust configurations at any point in testing, deployment, or ongoing operations.
    • Understand the budget implications of any changes

    Control and Optimize AVD Costs

    Monitor Your Azure Environment Whenever, Wherever

    Login Enterprise enables IT teams to spot performance fluctuations immediately to avoid unexpected downtime and employee frustration.

    Our platform looks at the entire chain of service to proactively monitor core performance and the specific actions that end users make daily—providing you with a more transparent and comprehensive view.

    Easily track performance and availability across your AVD environment and be alerted to creeping issues long before users ever notice.

    Prevent outages and failures by leveraging Login Enterprise to:
    • Gain granular visibility from the first login to application actions
    • Baseline and validate application performance reflective of end-user behaviors
    • Quickly identify issues due to capacity constraints or adverse results of change
    • Minimize incident calls by quickly pinpointing the root cause

    Monitor Your Azure Environment Whenever, Wherever


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