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    Upgrade and migrate with confidence

    Login Enterprise integrates with leading virtualization solutions to provide the insights your team needs to migrate desktops with confidence. Purpose-built dashboards and reports make it easy to understand.

    • Easily validate thousands of applications to ensure they work on a new Windows build or in the cloud
    • Properly baseline and evaluate application performance and use in a new environment
    • Optimize associated costs when deploying to cloud-based architectures
    • Correlate performance insights across heterogeneous components
    Upgrade and migrate with confidence

    Streamline application upgrades and migrations

    Identify migration problems, often ahead of time, and review and analyze the data you need to make rapid decisions and take corrective action in real time, saving time and money.

    • Avoid project delays and unanticipated costs with insights on performance and user experience
    • Run A/B test scenarios to finetune critical configuration variables and settings
    • Catch issues caused by idiosyncrasies at distributed endpoints
    Streamline application upgrades and migrations

    Simplify end-user acceptance through automation

    Tired of waiting for end-users to provide feedback at critical points in the process? The transition from manual feedback loops and simulate their requirements for rapid, continuous testing—no waiting – just results.

    • Let your champions define the best workflows and let automation do the rest
    • Enable application owners and engineers to resolve issues and accelerate software delivery quickly
    Simplify end-user acceptance through automation


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