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    Login VSI - Use Cases - Platform Availability

    Modern workforces can log in from many different locations, which introduces external factors that can harm availability. Whether the business strives for Five 9s or Six 9s, Login Enterprise can be used to continuously test the availability of desktop or application resources 24x7x365, thereby preventing support tickets and costly business impacts.

    • Continuous testing 24x7x365
    • Remote logins
    • SLA reporting


    Always Available

    Are your desktops and applications always available during the day? How about during the evening when there aren’t any users logged in? Making sure business-critical resources are always online starts with continuously testing them—24x7x365.

    Login Enterprise tests, tracks and reports on desktop and application availability continuously giving administrators opportunities to resolve issues before they become big problems.

    Login Enterprise ensures your workspaces are available whenever your end-users log on.

    Login VSI - Use Cases - Platform Availability


    Login VSI - Use Cases - Platform Availability

    Remote Logins

    Datacenters are centralized, access is not. A lot can happen between the datacenter and the end-user, impacting the performance and availability of your digital workspaces.

    Login Enterprise deploys launchers that will log in from anywhere in the world to make sure desktops are available and applications aren’t slow. You’ll even find launcher capabilities in the latest IGEL endpoints.

    Login Enterprise will give you a global perspective on the end-user experience at any remote location.


    SLA Reporting

    Failing to deliver against SLAs can be costly for hosting providers and enterprises alike. Customers who use Login Enterprise for continuous testing have more success and greater than Five 9s availability.

    Login Enterprise provides the ability to automatically or manually send SLA reports to customers and management. With Login Enterprise they will know that you’ve objectively hit your SLA goals and exceeded them on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

    Login VSI - Use Cases - Platform Availability



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