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    Detect problems before they impact users

    Continuously monitor system performance—all day, across all locations—without the need for agents or users to be present.

    • Leverage simulated users at any time and with no agent footprint for continuous monitoring
    • Automatically take and store screenshots at specified steps or failures and review detailed logs to remediate faster
    • Preserve adherence to privacy laws by simulating human interaction with no actual user exposure to data
    Detect problems before they impact users

    Stay a step ahead of slowing performance

    Ongoing objective monitoring against established baselines is the most reliable way to measure performance degradation. This way every change, no matter how small, can be analyzed so that gradual deteriorations are detected well before they will slow down end-user productivity and disrupt normal operations.

    • Define thresholds for overall performance, such as login failures, login delays, latency, or application failures
    • Establish a baseline that can detect even minor deviations in application performance
    • Schedule alerts when deviations from expected performance occur
    • Identify production issues during off-peak hours and resolve before users start to work
    • Facilitate root cause analysis to determine the source(s) of the problem(s) and corrective action
    Stay a step ahead of slowing performance

    Stay on-plan and on-budget

    Creeping degradation may result from a change or human error that can be quickly fixed. Sometimes it may signal that it’s time to evaluate additional tuning or new hardware to maintain optimized performance.

    • Predict the timeframe when additional CapEx or OpEx might be needed
    • Demonstrate the impact and required costs to make the best decisions or trade-offs
    • Set and manage expectations with business leaders and end-users
    Stay on-plan and on-budget

    Consistently deliver great experiences

    Most EUC teams report metrics against targets like “5 nines” and others. Yet, these metrics report on the availability of machines, not the performance of the application or the end-user experience, which is the metric users truly care about.

    Login Enterprise measures with granular precision and automatically reports it to those stakeholders.

    • Generate Service Level or Experience Agreement reports to satisfy internal management reviews or provide operational reviews to service customers
    • Continually evaluate user experience by affiliate locations, branch offices, or personas
    • Leverage a broad range of reporting features to optimize performance and user experience
    Consistently deliver great experiences


    Proactively Detect and Prevent Issues—BEFORE They Affect Users

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