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    Migration without Risking Performance

    Perhaps you’re running Citrix but want to move to VMware or running Epic but need to transition to Cerner. Maybe you’re considering moving desktops to the cloud. In most migrations, QA signoff is key – it’s the ultimate measure of confidence.

    Whether switching one virtualization provider for another in your technology stack or leading a migration of desktops to the cloud, you must understand the impact your end-users will experience when using their business-critical apps in the new environment. A robust set of test measurements will be essential to build end-user confidence in your migration plan. Arm yourself with the information that shows how the new target environment outperforms the incumbent in a side-by-side chart.

    Testing your migration target in pre-production will ensure proper baselining/rightsizing the environment and provide early dictation of any problems while reducing the total dollars per desktop expenditure.

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    Ensure a Smooth Migration

    It’s critical to build a book of test data that demonstrates all of the various scenarios you’ve tested for and are confident in accelerating your migration. “What will happen and when” scenarios need to be developed and tested. The results of which justify the need to move forward with the migration.

    Login Enterprise enables the user to quickly build and execute these test plans, enabling side-by-side comparisons of the incumbent technology versus the target platform. Beyond that, the target can be optimized, for example by selecting the best performing cloud instance size, in a set of tests comparing one to another.

    Delivering a robust set of test results showing cost optimization on the target, side-by-side performance comparison against the incumbent, and rich application feature testing will build confidence to move through the migration process quickly.

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    Testing Saves Time and Money, while Reducing Risk

    Verifying one DaaS solution over another or various instance sizes for one infrastructure node allows for true cloud-based cost optimization. Comparing this against the incumbent solution in side-by-side tests will demonstrate the performance, cost, and resiliency characteristics of the target solution.

    Testing under stress conditions can highlight the performance of a scale-out architecture, for example, highlighting the different nature of risk to app availability or performance by continuing to run on-prem. Finally, the exhaustive signoff process is dramatically decreased with a set of comprehensive test results.




    Tangible, Measurable Results

    Login Enterprise includes a full suite of performance metrics to ensure the migration goes smoothly.

      • Measure the end-user experience, from pre-production to production
      • Impact graphs – Compare application performance and user experience before and after migration
      • Availability dashboard – Continuous testing, from the 8:00 am logon to regular checks on apps, user experience, and location
      • Application compatibility report – A comprehensive review of all applications, ensuring that the migration did not create any unforeseen issues between different applications
      • SLA reporting graphs – Performance reporting, ensuring SLAs are being met before and after migration

    Login VSI - Use Cases - Capacity Planning - What Happens When There is a Disaster?



    Be sure to test in pre-planning and pre-production

    Start maximizing your end-user experience and make your VDI environments run better and operate smoother.

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